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York University

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4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
M3J 1P3 CA




York University is a leading interdisciplinary research and teaching university in Canada. York offers a modern, academic experience at the undergraduate and graduate level in Toronto – Canada’s most international city.

The third largest university in the country, York is host to a dynamic academic community of 55,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff, as well as 250,000 alumni worldwide.

York’s 11 faculties and 28 research centres conduct ambitious, groundbreaking research that is interdisciplinary, cutting across traditional academic boundaries. This distinctive and collaborative approach is preparing students for the future and bringing fresh insights and solutions to real-world challenges.





Entrance scholarships, awards and bursaries available to Canadian high-school applicants are listed in the following table. Awards which do not require an application are noted with "no award application required" — you are automatically considered for them. For awards requiring an application, submit the application via MyFile as noted below. You do not need an offer of admission to submit the scholarships, awards and bursaries application in MyFile. Complete the application early so that you are considered for the most awards possible — some scholarships close to applications as early as February 1. The application closes April 1. If you qualify for one of these awards listed, you will receive an e-mail or letter letting you know the name of the scholarship or award you have received and the value. Full award and eligibility details are available by clicking the award name. Note: Scholarship values are based on the 2013-2014 awards and are subject to change.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid
30% Off Ontario Tuition Grant
York Tuition Grant
Part-time Loans and Grants
Government Scholarships and Bursaries
Out-of-Province Students
US Loans
International Loans
Financial Document Tracker
Student Financial Profile

Undergraduate Programs

Accounting Certificate
Administrative Studies BAS
Advanced Management Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
African Studies BA
Anthropology BA, iBA
Anthropology – Social MA, PhD
Anti-Racist Research & Practice Certificate
Applied Mathematics BA
Art History MA
Art History & Visual Culture PhD
Arts & Media Administration Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Asian Studies Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Athletic Therapy Certificate
Biochemistry BSc
Biology BSc, iBSc
Biology MSc, PhD
Biomedical Science BSc
Biophysics BSc
Biotechnology BSc
Business & Society BA
Business & Sustainability Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Business Administration BBA, iBBA
Business Administration EMBA, IMBA, MBA, MF, MPA, MSc, PhD
Business Economics BA, iBA
Canadian Business for Internationally Educated Professionals Certificate
Canadian Studies BA, iBA
Chemistry BSc
Chemistry MSc, PhD
Children's Studies BA
Cinema & Media Studies MA, PhD
Civil Engineering BEng
Classical Studies & Classics BA
Cognitive Science BA
Communication & Culture MA, PhD
Communication Studies BA, iBA
Community Arts Practice Certificate
Computational Math BSc
Computer Engineering BEng
Computer Engineering MASc
Computer Science BA, BSc, iBA, iBSc
Computer Science MSc, PhD
Computer Security BA, BSc
Conference Interpreting MCI
Creative Writing BA
Criminology BA
Critical Disability Studies MA, PhD
Culture & Expression BA
Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Dance BA, BFA
Dance MA, MFA
Dance Science Certificate
Dance Studies PhD
Democratic Administration Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Design BDes
Design MDes
Development Studies MA
Digital Design Certificate
Digital Media BA
Disaster & Emergency Management BDEM
Disaster & Emergency Management MDEM
Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language (D-TEIL) Certificate
Drama Studies BA, iBA
Early Childhood Education Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Earth & Atmospheric Science BSc
Earth & Space Science MSc, PhD
East Asian Studies BA
Economics BA, iBA
Economics MA, PhD
Ecosystem Management BES, Joint Program
Education BEd
Education in Urban Environments Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Education – Language, Culture & Teaching MEd, PhD
Electrical Engineering BEng
Emergency Management Certificate
Engineering & International Development Studies BA, BEng
English BA
English MA, PhD
English & Professional Writing BA
English Studies BA, iBA
Environmental & Health Studies (Multidisciplinary Studies) BA, iBA
Environmental Biology BSc
Environmental Science BSc
Environmental Studies MES, PhD
Environmental Studies BES
Environmental/Sustainability Education Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Études françaises MA
Études francophones PhD
European Studies BA, iBA
Film BA, BFA
Film MFA
Financial & Business Economics BA
Financial Accountability MFAc
Financial Engineering Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Financial Planning Certificate
Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling Certificate
French Studies / Études françaises BA, iBA
Gender & Women's Studies Certificate
Gender & Women's Studies BA, iBA
Gender & Women's Studies: Advanced Certificate
Gender, Feminist & Women's Studies MA, PhD
General Interpreting Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing Certificate
Geography BA, BSc, iBA
Geography MA, MSc, PhD
Geography & Urban Studies BA
Geomatics Engineering BEng
German & European Studies Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
German Studies BA
Global Health BA, BSc
Global Political Studies BA
Health MA, PhD
Health & Society BA
Health Industry Management Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Health Informatics Certificate
Health Psychology Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Health Services Financial Management Certificate
Health Studies BHS
Hebrew & Jewish Studies: Advanced Certificate
Hellenic Studies BA
History BA, iBA
History MA, PhD
Human Resources Management Certificate
Human Resources Management BHRM
Human Resources Management MHRM, PhD
Human Resources Management for Internationally Educated Professionals Certificate
Human Rights & Equity Studies BA
Humanities BA, iBA
Humanities MA, PhD
Indigenous Studies Certificate
Individualized / Multidisciplinary Studies BA, iBA
Information Systems & Technology MA
Information Technology BA, BAS
Information Technology Auditing & Assurance Certificate
Information Technology for Internationally Educated Professionals Certificate
Interdisciplinary Studies MA
International & Security Studies Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
International Business Administration iBBA
International Development Studies BA
International Project Management BES
International Studies BA, iBA
Investment Management Certificate
Italian Culture BA
Italian Studies BA, iBA
Jewish Studies BA
Jewish Studies Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Justice System Administration Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Kinesiology & Health Science MA, MFSc, MSc, PhD
Kinesiology & Health Science BA, BSc
Language & Literacy Education Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Language Proficiency Certificate
Latin American & Caribbean Studies BA
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Law JD
Law & Social Thought / Droit et pensée sociale Certificate
Law & Society BA
Law & Society Certificate
Law (Osgoode Hall Law School) LLM, PhD
Law (Osgoode Professional Development) LLM
Linguistics BA
Linguistics & Applied Linguistics MA, PhD
Linguistics & Language Studies BA, iBA
Logistics Certificate
Management Certificate
Marketing Certificate
Mathematics BA, BSc, iBA
Mathematics & Statistics MA, PhD
Mathematics Education Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Mathematics for Commerce BA
Mathematics for Education BA, BSc
Mathematics for Teachers MA
Mathematics: Applied & Industrial MSc
Mechanical Engineering BEng
Meteorology Certificate
Multicultural & Indigenous Studies BA
Music BA, BFA
Music MA, PhD
Neuroscience Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Non-Profit Management Certificate
Nursing MScN
Nursing: Collaborative (York-Seneca-Georgian) BScN
Nursing: Post-RN for Internationally Educated Nurses BScN
Nursing: Second Entry BScN
Nursing–Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) MScN
Nursing–RN to MScN Alternate Admission MScN
Philosophy MA, PhD
Philosophy BA, iBA
Physics & Astronomy MSc, PhD
Physics & Astronomy BSc
Political Science BA, iBA
Political Science MA, PhD
Portuguese Studies BA
Postsecondary Education: Community, Culture & Policy Graduate Diploma
Practical Ethics Certificate
Professional Ethics Certificate
Professional Writing BA
Psychology MA, PhD
Psychology BA, BSc, iBA
Public & International Affairs MPIA
Public Administration BPA
Public Administration & Law Certificate
Public Management Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Public Policy Analysis Certificate
Public Policy, Administration & Law MPPAL
Real Estate Certificate
Real Estate & Infrastructure Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Rédaction professionnelle Certificate
Refugee & Migration Studies / Études sur la migration et sur les réfugiés Certificate
Refugee & Migration Studies Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Rehabilitation Services Joint Program, Certificate
Religious Studies BA
Science & Technology Studies MA, PhD
Science & Technology Studies BA, BSc
Sexuality Studies BA, iBA
Sexuality Studies / Études sur la sexualité Certificate
Social & Political Thought MA, PhD
Social & Political Thought BA
Social Science BA
Social Sector Managment Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Social Work MSW, PhD
Social Work BSW
Socio-Legal Studies MA, PhD
Sociology MA, PhD
Sociology BA, iBA
Software Engineering BEng
South Asian Studies BA
South Asian Studies Certificate
Space Engineering BEng
Space Science BSc
Spanish BA
Spanish (Hispanic Studies) BA, iBA
Spanish-English Translation / Traducción ingles-espanõl Certificate
Sustainable Energy Certificate
Teacher Education (Bachelor of Education) BEd
Teacher Education for French Immersion (Bachelor of Education) BEd
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate
Technical & Professional Communication Certificate
Theatre MFA
Theatre BA, BFA
Theatre & Performance Studies MA, PhD
Translation Studies MA
Translation Studies BA, iBA
Undecided Major BA, BEng, BSc
United States Studies BA
Urban Ecologies Certificate
Urban Studies BA, iBA
Urban Studies Certificate
Urban Sustainability - York/Seneca Joint Program BES, Joint Program
Value Theory & Applied Ethics Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Visual Arts MFA, PhD
Visual Arts & Art History BA, BFA
Voice Teaching Graduate Diploma Graduate Diploma
Work & Labour Studies BA
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Graduate Programs

Diploma types

Diploma programs are open to students in any relevant graduate program or to those who have a general interest in graduate-level work. For example, the Democratic Administration diploma is open to students pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Law, Sociology, Administrative Studies or Political Science.

Concurrent Graduate Diploma programs allow a student currently enrolled in a master's or doctoral degree program to pursue an in-depth exploration of one aspect of their field. For example, a student working towards an MA in Art History may take the Diploma in Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture. This diploma, designed for those interested in a curatorial career, includes courses and apprenticeships.

Stand-alone, direct-entry Graduate Diploma programs provide an opportunity for graduate-level study of theory and research to students who are not interested in pursuing a full graduate degree. This could include professionals, school administrators, people working in community organizations, cultural institutions or advocacy groups, or anyone who does not have the time or interest in a traditional graduate program. Some students who take the stand-alone diploma already have a graduate degree and use their diploma to augment a particular area of interest.

Continuing Education

Continuing education courses, programs or organized learning experiences are usually taken after a degree is obtained to enhance personal or professional goals. York offers only non-degree continuing education courses. In other words, continuing education courses will not count toward a York University degree.

Continuing education:

allows you to pursue areas of professional or personal interest or to enhance your professional qualifications in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing labour market;
offers a broad spectrum of courses — many of which are focussed on areas of industry not traditionally served by the academic community; and
provides courses to help improve your chances for admission to degree studies at York University (see Continuing Education below).
You don't apply for any Continuing Education courses through the Office of Admissions. Details about applying are specific to each Faculty offering the courses. See the list below for more specific information about what's offered and how to apply.

Division of Continuing Education
Faculty of Education — Field Development and AQ Courses
Glendon Extended Learning
Health Leadership & Learning Network (HLLN)
Osgoode Hall Law School Professional Development Program
Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC)
York University English Language Institute
Access & bridging programs

York University offers transition and bridging programs to enable individuals who would not otherwise consider, or who may not have had access to, university studies develop the skills and the confidence to continue their education.

On Campus Clubs


The colleges are home to a large collection of registered university clubs and organizations.

Bethune College

Active Minds BC113A
Archery Club BC113
Astronomy Club BC104
Atmospheric Science Club BC114
Bethune Athletic Committee (BAC) BC122
Bethune College Council (BCC) BC122
Biology Society (YUBS) Lumbers 111
Biophysics Club BC104
Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine (CARRM) BC114
Canadian Immunology Research Association BC114
Canadian Satellite Design Competition BC360
Chemistry Society CB206
Club Infinity N520 Ross
CS Hub BC103B
Digital Media Student Association
Dragon Boat Club BC105
Dental Association BC114A
Engineering Society (ES@Y) BC103A
Fencing at York BC113
Free the Children BC113A
Frontier College
Geography and Environmental Science Society (GESS@Y) BC113A
Go Players Association BC105
Habitat for Humanity BC113A
Kendo Club BC113
Let's Talk Science BC348
Lexicon BC301
Longboarders Association BC104
Physics Society BC104
Pre-medical Society BC114A
PrePharmacy Club BC114A
Pulse BC301
Robot Fighting Club BC366
Rover Team BC 321
Science and Technology Studies Student Association BC 227
Science Student Caucus BC114A
Student Ombuds Service (SOS) BC208
Ultimate Frisbee at York BC114
YAMA Anime and Magna Association BC113
Calumet College

Calumet College Council 122 CC
Student Association of Health Management Policy and Informatics (SAHMPI) 126 CC
Undergraduate Psychology Students Association (UPSA) 126 CC
Faculty of Health Student Caucus (FHSC) 126 CC
Ukrainian Students' Club @ York 125 CC
Founders College

African Students Association (ASA) FC 121A/D
Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union FC 121A/D
Chinese Students' Assocation
Council of Candians FC 121A/J
Community of United Jamaicans (CUJAM)
Entre Voices Literary Magazine Team
Federation of Diplomatic Students at York University
Feminist Action FC 121 A/E
Filipino Student Association
Hallyu Dongari
Health and Society Student Association FC 121A/E
International Development Association FC 121A/J
International Students Association (ISAY)
Iranian Human RIghts Society
Linguistics Student Association at York
Malayalee Students Association
The New Democrats of York University (NDYU) FC 121 A/D
Students for Canadian Studies FC121A/J
Undergraduate History Students Association
Undergraduate Sexuality Studies Association
United for Parity
Women Empowerment Club
McLaughlin College

Aboriginal Students' Association
Amnesty International
Criminology Society 003MC
Debating Society 338 StC
Dignitas Youth @ York
East African Students' Association 446StC
Global Political Studies Students Association
International Students Association 499D StC
Iranian Students' Association 418 StC
Labour Studies Students Association
Law and Society Students Association
MacMedia 004MC
McLaughlin College Council 143MC
McLaughlin College Sport and Recreation Council 143 MC
Model NATO 145 MC
Model United Nations 410 StC
Oxfam 003MC
Peace by Peace 002MC
Pre-Law Society
Public Policy &Administration Students' Association 145 MC
Save The Children 002MC
Shalom Salaam @ York
Sociology Undergraduate Students' Association 003MC
Tatham Hall Residence Council
Undergraduate Political Science Council 145MC
Urban Legal Planners
War Child Canada 002MC
New College

American Marketing Association (AMA) 140H ATK
Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA) 253 ATK
Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) 112 ATK
Information Technology Student Association(ITSA) 3058 TEL
Management and Consulting Association(MCA) 140J ATK
National Finance Student Association (NFSA) 140D ATK
Stong College

Student College Student Government 106A SC
English Undergraduate Students Association
Professional Writing Students Association
York University Sport Administration Association
Vanier College

Business and Society Club (BUSO) 101C VC
Classical Studies Students' Association (CSSA) 101A VC
Children's Studies Students Association 830A Ross
Existere 101E VC
Ferazoine Canadese Italianna (FCI) 101F VC
Japanese International Students' Association 110 VC
Martial Arts Club 202 VC
Philosophia 101D VC
York University Mature Students Organization 113B VC

Ballroom Dancing Club
Beard Appreciation Society
CAP Collective
Communication Studies Student Association
Creative Arts Students Association (CASA)
Digital Media Student Association
Electronic Music Society WC013
Faculty of Education Students' Association WC 116
Film Students Association
Golden Key International Honour Society (GKIHS)
Hallyu Dongari
Lions Competitive Swim Team
Ministry of Magic (MM)
Music Student Association
Portuguese Association (YUPA) WC 002B
Salsa Club WC 002B
Students For York (S4Y)
Theatre Student Association (T.S.A.)
Urban Non-Violent Initiatives Through Youth (UNITY)
Visual Arts Students' Association WC 330E
Winters Community Art Club WC 002D
Winters Free Press WC 004

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