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The University of Delaware exists to cultivate learning, develop knowledge, and foster the free exchange of ideas. State-assisted yet privately governed, the University has a strong tradition of distinguished scholarship, research, teaching, and service that is grounded in a commitment to increasing and disseminating scientific, humanistic, and social knowledge for the benefit of the larger society. Founded in 1743 and chartered by the state in 1833, the University of Delaware today is a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant university.
The University of Delaware is a major research university with extensive graduate programs that is also dedicated to outstanding undergraduate and professional education. University faculty are committed to the intellectual, cultural, and ethical development of students as citizens, scholars, and professionals. University graduates are prepared to contribute to a global society that requires leaders with creativity, integrity, and a dedication to service.
The University of Delaware promotes an environment in which all people are inspired to learn, and encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, free inquiry, and respect for the views and values of an increasingly diverse population.
An institution engaged in addressing the critical needs of the state, nation, and global community, the University of Delaware carries out its mission with the support of alumni who span the globe and in partnerships with public, private, and nonprofit institutions in Delaware and beyond.



Enrolled Students

21,856 (2012)

Pupil Teacher Ratio


Class Size Undergraduate


Tuition Undergraduate

$23,312 in-state | $41,132 out-of-state

Notable Alumni


Mike Adams - Current professional football player
Robbie Agnone – American football player
Matt Alrich – Lacrosse player
Petar Arsić – Basketball player
Josh Baker – American football player
Bryan Barrett – Lacrosse player
Urban Bowman – American football and Canadian football coach
Scott Brunner - American football player
Michael Byrne – American football player
Bob Carpenter, Jr. - Former owner, Philadelphia Phillies
Brennan Carroll – American football coach
Larry Catuzzi – American football coach
Chris Collins – Lacrosse player
Bill Cubit - Former wide receiver, Head Football Coach at Western Michigan University
Mondoe Davis – American football and Canadian football player
Richard Dean - fashion and advertising photographer, former player for Canadian Football League
Elena Delle Donne – Basketball and volleyball player
Pat Devlin - Quarterback for the NFL Miami Dolphins
Anthony DiMarzo – Lacrosse player
Leon Dombrowski - American football player
Marc Egerson – Basketball player
Jamin Elliott – American football player
Joe Flacco - Quarterback for the NFL Baltimore Ravens
Eric Fromm – Tennis player
Keevin Galbraith – Lacrosse player
Rich Gannon - American football player / NFL Analyst CBS Sports
Gino Gradkowski – American football player
John Grant, Jr. - Lacrosse player
Scott Green - NFL referee
Bob Greene - Fitness guru
Dallas Green - MLB player & manager
Andy Hall - American football player
Jordan Hall – Lacrosse player
Conway Hayman - Former offensive lineman for the Houston Oilers
Mickey Heinecken – American football coach
Tim Jacobs – American football player
Cindy A. Johnson – Basketball player
Dennis Johnson – American football player
Greg Justice – American football player
K. C. Keeler – former American football coach
Mike Koplove - MLB player
Jeff Komlo - Former NFL quarterback
Scott Levy - Professional wrestler better known by the name "Raven"
Kęstutis Marčiulionis – Basketball player
Joe McGrail – American football player
Joe McHale – American football player
Tom Mees - ESPN anchor
Kevin Mench - Baseball player
Jeff Modesitt – American football player
Matt Nagy – American football player and coach
Harding Nana – Basketball player
Al Neiger – Baseball player
Phil Nelson – American football player
Mohamed Niang – Basketball player
Ben Patrick - American football player
Bob Patton – American football player
Mike Pegues – Basketball player and coach
Jim Quirk – American football official
David Raymond - Original Phillie Phanatic
Dan Reeder – American football player
George Schmitt – American football player
Alex Smith - Lacrosse player
Tyresa Smith – Basketball player
Tony Storti – American football coach and college athletics administrator
Jon Striefsky – American football player
Ivory Sully – American football player
Joe Susan – American football coach
Sobhan Tadjalli – Soccer player
Ronald Talley – American football player
Hal Thompson - American football player
Anthony Walters – American football player
Richard Washington – American football player
Vic Willis - Hall of Fame Baseball Player
Paul Worrilow - American football player

Kurt Akeley - Computer graphics engineer
John P. Costas – CEO, UBS Investment Bank
Michael F. Koehler - Chief Executive Officer, Teradata
Arthur Gray Magness – Real estate developer
Adam Osborne - Computing pioneer
Larry Probst - Chairman of the Board, Electronic Arts (Formerly CEO); Chairman of the U.S. Olympic Committee and member of the International Olympic Committee
Ömer Sabancı - Turkish businessman
Carl Truscott- Senior Vice President, ASERO Worldwide

Steve Alten – Science fictional author
Peter Bailey – Author
Jarret Brachman – Terrorism author
Paul Cherry - Business author
Edward Ezell – Author
Maureen Johnson - Author

Michael Barone (photographer) - Art photographer
Craig Cutler - Photographer
Tim Kreider - Cartoonist

Thurman Adams, Jr. - Democratic member of the Delaware Senate[1]
L. Heisler Ball – U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman
Jo Anne B. Barnhart – Commissioner of Social Security
Jill Biden (B.A. 1976, D.Ed. 2007) - American educator and Second Lady of the United States as the wife of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden
Joe Biden (B.A. 1965) – Vice President of the United States of America, former U.S. Senator, former chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
J. Caleb Boggs – U.S. Senator, U.S. Congressman, Governor of Delaware
John F. Brady – Delaware politician
David P. Buckson – Delaware politician
Eric Buckson - Commissioner, Kent County Levy Court
Daniel E. Button - U.S. Congressman
Theophilus C. Callicot – Politician
Thomas R. Carper – U.S. Senator, U.S. Congressman, and Governor of Delaware
Christopher Christie - Governor of New Jersey
Thomas Clayton – U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman
Carl Danberg – Delaware Attorney General and Commissioner of the Delaware Department of Correction
Reha Denemeç – Co-founder and deputy chairman (research and development) of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) in Turkey
Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich – First Lady of Maryland
J. Allen Frear, Jr. – U.S. Senator
Don B. Hughes – Maryland State Delegate
Horace G. Knowles - diplomat
Thomas McKean – signer of the Declaration of Independence
Louis McLane – U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
David Plouffe – Campaign Manager of the Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008, Political Consultant
George Read – signer of the Declaration of Independence
George R. Riddle – U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman
Caesar Rodney - signer of the Declaration of Independence
Steve Schmidt - Campaign Manager of the John McCain presidential campaign, 2008 (note: attended but did not graduate)
James Smith – signer of the Declaration of Independence
Nick Smith - U.S. Congressman from Michigan

Susan Barnett – KYW-TV news anchor
Sheena Benton – Miss Delaware USA 2005
Rebecca Bledsoe – Miss Delaware 2005
Nicole Bosso – Miss Delaware USA 2007
Colleen Broomall – Actress
Tommy Conwell - Rock Musician
Junnie Cross – Miss Delaware 2000
Bryan Gordon - Television and film director
Suzanne Graff – Actress
Steve Harris - Actor
Page Kennedy - Actor
Mark McClafferty - Film and television producer and writer
Matt O'Donnell - WPVI morning achorman
Marvell Scott - sports reporter for WABC-TV
Susan Stroman - Broadway director, Choreographer, Performer
Taylor DeMario - Miss Delaware United States 2013

John L. Anderson - Current President of Illinois Institute of Technology
Jill Tracy Biden - Professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College, Second Lady of the United States
David L. Chicoine - Current President of South Dakota State University
Lawrence A. Cunningham – American scholar, author, and the Henry St. George Tucker III Research Professor of Law at George Washington University
Rakesh Jain - Professor of tumor biology at Harvard Medical School
Mary Patterson McPherson - Former President of Bryn Mawr College
James W. Wagner - Current President of Emory University

William B. Chandler, III - Chancellor, Delaware Court of Chancery
Hugh M. Morris - Judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware
Leonard Stark - Judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware
Leo E. Strine, Jr. - Chancellor, Delaware Court of Chancery
John E. Wallace, Jr. - Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court

Peter Bailey – Journalist
Katherine Boehret – Journalist
Colleen Broomall – Journalist
Jeff Pearlman - Journalist

Charles Craig Cannon – United States Army officer who served as Aide-de-camp to Dwight D. Eisenhower after World War II
John M. Custer III – United States Army officer
Joseph H. Harper - World War II airborne officer, who later commanded the United States Army Infantry School
Robert W. Kirkwood - American Revolutionary War officer
Julian Smith - World War II United States Marine Corps General

Rakesh Agrawal, National Medal of Technology and Innovation Laureate and Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University
Brian Atwater – Geologist
Lodewijk van den Berg - Astronaut
Terrell Ward Bynum – Philosopher
Carole Chaski – Forensic linguist
Roger Craig - Computer scientist and Jeopardy! champion
Robert W. Gore - Inventor of Gore-Tex fabrics
Walter Lafferty - Optical physicist
David L. Mills - Internet pioneer
Daniel Nathans - Biologist and Nobel Prize Winner
Peter Thejll - Astrophysicist and climate expert
Honorary degree recipients[edit]

Byong Man Ahn – 2004 – Academic[2]
Robert Ballard - 2001 - Oceanographer, discoverer of the RMS Titanic[2]
Joseph Biden - 2004 - Current Vice President of the United States, then-United States Senator (D-Delaware)[3]
Edward G. Boehne - 2001 - President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia[2]
John C. Bogle - 1999 - Founder and CEO of the The Vanguard Group[2]
Ben Carson, M.D. - 1997 - American neurosurgeon[2]
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. - 2002 - Business historian[2]
Rita R. Colwell - 2003 - Former Director of the National Science Foundation[2]
William B. DeLauder - 2005 - Former president of Delaware State University[4]
Louis Freeh - 1999 - Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)[2]
Adrian Hall - 2007 - British actor, thespian[5]
Daisaku Ikeda - 2000 - Buddhist religious leader, President of Soka Gakkai International[2]
Paul R. Jones - 2004 - Art collector, Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art[6]
Audrey F. Manley - 2002 - Former United States Surgeon General, Current President of Spelman College[2]
Geoffrey Marcy - 2004 - Astronomer, discoverer of the first extrasolar planet 51 Pegasi b[7]
J. W. Marriott, Jr. - 2005 - Marriot International[8]
Mary McAleese - 2002- Current President of Ireland[9]
George J. Mitchell - 2003 - Former United States Senator (D-Maine)[2]
Joseph Neubauer - 2006 - CEO of ARAMARK [10]
Russell W. Peterson - 2006 - Former Governor of Delaware, scientist [11]
Martin A. Pomerantz - 2001 - American physicist and astronomer[2]
Cal Ripken Jr. - 2008 - American baseball player [12]
William V. Roth - 2003 - Former United States Senator (R-Delaware)[2]
Walter K. Stapleton - 1998 - Federal Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit [2]
Susan Stroman - 2005 - Tony Award-winning Broadway director, choreographer, film director, and performer.[13]
W.D. Snodgrass - 2005 - American poet[14]
E. Norman Veasey - 2003 - Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court[2]
Craig Venter - 2004 - American biologist, Founder of the The Institute for Genomic Research[15]
Paul A. Volcker - 2001 - Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve[2]
John J. Williams - 1975 - Former United States Senator (R-Delaware)[2]
Jamie Wyeth - 2002 - American realist painter[2]


Courses are offered in a broad range of disciplines, including 4 associate’s, 130 bachelor’s, 115 master's, and 43 doctoral programs, through UD's seven colleges--Agriculture and Natural Resources; Arts and Sciences; Business and Economics; Earth, Ocean, and Environment; Education and Human Development; Engineering; and Health Sciences.


All students that apply for freshman admission to the University of Delaware by January 15 are automatically considered for scholarships. The Admission Committee considers a number of factors when evaluating applicants for merit awards. Unless requested, students do not need to complete an additional form, other than the Common Application.

The University of Delaware awards academic scholarships to a high number of incoming freshmen. And approximately 100 Distinguished Scholars, our most prestigious awards, are named each year.

In addition, students interested in our Art, Apparel Design and Music majors must submit a portfolio or audition, respectively, to be considered for admission and scholarships awards.

Financial Aid

Universities typically distinguish between aid based on demonstrated financial need and aid based solely on academic ability or special talents without regard to financial need. Aid based on financial need, as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that the student files, is "need-based aid."

To apply for need-based aid, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1. Use the institutional code for the University of Delaware: 001431. We strongly recommend filing the FAFSA by February 15, especially for students who want a timely notification of the financial aid award. A new FAFSA must be filed for each subsequent year.

Loan and Grant definitions are available through the Student Financial Services website.

Please note that Federal financial assistance is available only to U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents. The University does consider international students for merit scholarships.