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Columbia College of Chicago

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600 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL
60605 US





Hands-on experience
We have the largest internship program in the Midwest

Liberal arts and sciences foundation
Receive a well-rounded education

Diverse student body
One-third of our student body is African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, or multi-racial

Award-winning faculty
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, Emmy Award-winning producers, and nationally recognized photographers

Small class sizes
Average class is less than 20 students

State-of-the-art facilities
Cutting edge photography labs, production equipment, dance studios and more

Exceptional value
Among the lowest tuition of all private arts and media colleges in the nation



Enrolled Students

12,000 students

Tuition Undergraduate


Tuition Graduate

$825 per credit, however the cost may vary depending on the graduate program

Notable Sponsors

Chicago Department of Family & Support Services, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, National Endowment for the Arts, Alphawood Foundation, The Coca-Cola Bottling Company, The Seltzer Foundation, Bank of America Illinois, JP Morgan Chase, among others.

Notable Alumni

Scott Adsit, Actor on 30 Rock, Len Amato, President of HBO Films, Nick Charles, Award-winning sportscaster on CNN, Photographer Rashid Johnson, Janusz Kaminski, Two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer for Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List, Chris McKay, Emmy-nominated producer/director/editor and Anita Padilla, Reporter for FOX Chicago.


Undergraduate degrees include: Acoustics (BS), Advertising Art Direction (BFA), Art and Design (BA), Art and Materials Conservation (BA), Art History (BA), Arts Management (BA), ASL- English Interpretation (BA), Audio Arts and Acoustics (BA), Composition (BMus), Computer Animation (BFA), Contemporary Urban and Popular Music (BMus), Creative Writing (BA), Cultural Studies (BA), Dance (BA), Early Childhood Education (BA), Fashion Business (BA), Fashion Design (BA), Fashion Design (BFA) Fiction Writing (BA), Fiction Writing (BFA), Film and Video (BA), Fine Arts (BFA), Game Design (BA), Game Programming (BA), Game Programming (BS), Graphic Design (BFA), Illustration (BFA), Interactive Arts and Media (BA), Interactive Arts and Media (BFA), Interior Architecture (BFA), Journalism (BA), Marketing Communication (BA), Mobile Media Programming (BA), Music (MA), Performance (BMus), Photography (BA), Photography (BFA), Playwriting (BA), Product Design (BFA), Radio (BA), Television (BA), Theatre (BA) and Traditional Animation (BFA).
Graduate degrees include: MA, MFA and MAT.


Undergraduate scholarships include: Nearly 45% of incoming students receive scholarship support from Columbia College of Chicago. Awards average at $5,000–$12,000 per student and are based on a variety of criteria, including academic record, demonstrated financial need through a completed FAFSA, area of study, creative samples and non-academic accomplishments.
Graduate scholarships include: The Albert P. Weisman Award, The Graduate Opportunity Award, The Getz Graduate Award, The Graduate Fellowship, Multicultural Affairs Diversity Award and the Lya Dym Rosenblum Award.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is given to students in two forms, through scholarships and grants, which students do not have to pay back, and through student loans, which students are required to pay back after graduation. Students can apply for financial aid by utilizing the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Undergraduate Programs

Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, Art and Design, Art and Materials Conservation, American Sigh Language- English Interpretation, Audio Arts and Acoustics, Creative Writing- Nonfiction, Creative Writing- Poetry, Cultural Studies, Dance, Early Childhood Education, Fashion Studies, Fiction Writing, Film & Video, Interactive Arts and Media, Journalism, Marketing Communication, Music, Photography, Radio, Television and Theatre.

Graduate Programs

Art Education, Arts Entertainment, & Media Management, Creative Writing- Fiction, Creative Writing- Nonfiction, Creative Writing- Poetry, Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, Elementary Education, Film & Video- Cinema Directing, Film and Video- Creative Producing, Interdisciplinary Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts & Media, Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts, Journalism, Music Composition for the Screen and Photography.

Continuing Education

Learn More About Continuing Education Programs

May 7, 2013

Columbia College Chicago continues to provide full-time faculty and staff opportunities for professional development and growth. The college offers an array of majors and programs of study leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to providing tuition remission for Columbia courses, the college is a member of two exchange programs that offer faculty and staff members and their eligible dependents financial assistance at hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States.

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Tuition Exchange Program and the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) provide a network of colleges and universities willing to accept (tuition-free) students from families of full-time employees of other participating institutions. Each participating institution in the network agrees to import a limited number of students on the same admission basis as they accept all other students.

The program summaries below include policies and procedures, deadlines, and application information to ensure you get the most out of this educational resource. If you have questions about the college’s educational assistance programs contact benefits coordinator David Beske.

Columbia College Chicago Tuition Remission - CCC

This program waives the cost of tuition to encourage you, and your eligible family members, to seek a degree while you are employed at the college. Find more information on IRIS.

To enroll for summer 2013, which starts May 28, you must complete the online authorization form no later than May 27. Make sure to keep a copy of your confirmation after you complete the tuition remission form. Failure to complete the online form will result in forfeiting the remission and you will be responsible for the full tuition. If you experience technical difficulties contact Beske before the deadline.

The online form must be submitted prior to every semester you plan on taking classes.

The Tuition Exchange Program - TEP

This program makes full-time remission available at more than 600 institutions to eligible dependents of full-time faculty and staff employees. This is a reciprocal scholarship program which finances college tuition. Columbia has a limited number of scholarships available—three per academic year—based on the balance of imports and exports. The decision to offer tuition remission is at the discretion of the participating institution. It is the applicant's responsibility to check the list to make sure the institution you are interested in is a participant and to verify the program you are interested in is offered. Find more information on IRIS.

If the institution you wish to apply to is a member of both the CIC and TEP you are encouraged to apply to both due to limits under the TEP.

To apply for fall 2014, please complete a TEP application by September 30 and submit it to Beske via email or fax at 312.369.8049.

CIC Tuition Exchange Program - CIC

Columbia is a participant in the tuition exchange program of the Council of Independent Colleges. This program makes full-time remission available at nearly 400 participating institutions. The decision to offer tuition remission is at the discretion of the participating institution. It is the applicant's responsibility to check the list to make sure the institution you are interested in is a participant and to verify that the program you are interested in is offered. Find more information on IRIS.

To apply for fall 2014, inquire at the university or college that you want to apply to for deadline dates and submit the CIC Exchange Student Application to Beske via email or fax at 312.369.8049.

On Campus Clubs

There are more than 85 student organizations on campus, from the Student Dance Organization to Japanese Anime and Manga.