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The Art Institute of Houston

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The Art Institute of Houston
1900 Yorktown
Houston, TX
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The mission of The Art Institute of Houston is to provide a quality, collaborative, academic environment for individuals seeking creative careers through higher education. Bachelor's and associate's degrees are competency-based, incorporating traditional liberal arts and hands-on instruction. Faculty use learning-centered methodology that prepares students for career-entry in the design, visual and culinary arts fields as well as professional development.



Tuition Undergraduate

$488 per credit, $7,808 per quarter (16 credits) and $23,424 per academic year (3 quarters).

Notable Alumni

Culinary Arts: Antonette Woodward, Carl Baker and David Highlander; Graphic Design: Carlos Ruiz, Crystal Toppins and Dallas Pomeroy; Interior Design: Jacqueline Lorich, Madelyn M. Mauritz and Maria T. Ortega; Media Arts & Animation: Adam Barnes, Daryl Stimley and Gilbert Ruiz; Web & Interactive Media: Albert Reff, Alison Bowling McCaslin and Andrea Hennekes.


AA, BS, BA, BFA and a series of Diplomas.


Scholarships are awarded to students based on merit, academic achievement and promise. However, there are also some scholarships awarded based on financial necessity. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students must fill out an application, which consists of a scholarship essay, or a personal statement, that explains why you deserve a scholarship.

Financial Aid

In order to apply for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This will determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid, which comes in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, and a federal work-study program.

Undergraduate Programs

Culinary: Baking & Pastry (AA), Culinary Arts (AA), Restaurant & Catering Management (AA), Culinary Management (BS), Food & Beverage Management (BS), Hospitality Management (BS), Baking & Pastry (Diploma), and Culinary Arts (Diploma); Design: Graphic Design (AA), Advertising (BFA), Design & Technical Graphics (BS), Graphic & Web Design (BFA), and Interior Design (BFA); Fashion: Fashion & Retail Management (BS), Fashion Design (BFA) and Fashion Retailing (Diploma); Media Arts: Web Design & Interactive Media (AA), Audio Production (BS), Designing for Tablets- Digital Publishing (BS), Digital Filmmaking & Video Production (BFA), Digital Photography (BFA), Game Art & Design (BFA), Media Arts & Animation (BFA), Visual Effects & Motion Graphics (BS), Digital Image Management (Diploma), Web Design & Development (Diploma), and Web Design & Interactive Communications (Diploma).

Continuing Education

There are evening and weekend course opportunities available for adults pursuing the following degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design or Web Design & Interactive Media, a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Management, or an Associate of Applied Science degree in Culinary Arts. There are also courses available online.

On Campus Clubs

An organization designed for students at The Art Institute of Houston who have a strong passion for the art of motion pictures. As a team, these students will imagine, produce, and execute their own creative visual projects. Above The Line Productions’ key objective is to encourage teamwork and to give members the opportunity to contribute in the areas of their interest, whether it is creative, technical, acting, or organization. It is the goal of the club that the members will benefit from real world experience. The sponsor of this club is Dr. Tom McQuaide, department chair Digital Filmmaking & Video Production.

This student group is affiliated with the Houston chapter of the AIGA, a professional organization that is committed to the development of groups to encourage students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interest and assisting them in understanding the profession. The goal of the student group is to get the students involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world. The sponsors of this club are Larry McEntire and Tiffanie Temple, instructors in Graphic Design.

The AiH Musicians exist to unite student musicians for the purpose of performance and student development. The sponsor of this club is Tom Wilbeck, Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

The mission of The Art Institute of Houston Ambassador Program is to develop the leadership qualities of its members through involvement in a wide variety of activities with new students on campus. An Ambassador assists new students as mentors, leaders, and provides guidance as an experienced student of The Art Institute of Houston. Students selected are instrumental in the development of enhancing the image of The Art Institute of Houston as a leader in career education. Members have an opportunity to identify and develop strategies for expanding the awareness of the college in the community, represent the school and assist with the successful integration of new students into The Art Institute of Houston campus culture. The sponsors of this organization are Tom Piecznski, Ai Online Advocate, and Jackie Bachmeier, Admissions Office Manager.

The student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers prepares students for the workplace, supports educational efforts, and enhances learning through extracurricular projects, field trips and activities. The sponsor of this organization are Rex Spencer and Diane Alexander, instructors in Interior Design.

Media Arts & Animation students come together to share industry information, production tips, and support. The sponsors of this club are Jonathan Nelson and Norm Engel, instructors in Media Arts & Animation.

The mission of the Fashion S.T.A.R.S. is to bring awareness to the true essence of fashion and how it serves a function for individuals in various circumstances. It is our goal to uphold a socially responsible agenda that includes service to the student body and community. The sponsor of this club is Jal Jobe, Chair, Fashion & Retail Management.

This group does research on the techniques and innovations of the world’s top chefs. Additionally they host local and regional chefs who create menus for the school’s on-site restaurant. The group hosted famed chef Madeline Kamman and worked long distance with Chicago chef Charlie Trotter in preparing a menu for the restaurant. The sponsor of this club is Chef Michael Holderfield, instructor in Culinary Arts.

The International Student Organization is a student led club that is designed to promote activities that enhance the cross-cultural experience of being an international student at The Art Institute of Houston. The purpose of the club is to provide international students with a safe and welcoming atmosphere to meet new friends and exchange ideas. The club will also assist students in understanding where their values fit into The Art Institute of Houston and the broader American culture. The sponsor of this club is Amy Makiyama, International Student Advisor.

NTHS is a nationally recognized program that promotes scholastic achievement in occupational education. The Society encourages professional excellence and responsibility. Community participation and leadership are also important elements of this organization. Members have participated in activities such as mentoring other students and leading school tours. They have also joined in community events such as food drives, holiday toy drives for underprivileged children and the AIDS Walk Houston. To be inducted, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA or above, have a good attendance record and demonstrate the ideals of service, leadership and professional development. The sponsor of this organization is Dr. Wil McCorquodale, Director of General Education.

The NEWH Student Chapter has been established in order to get students more involved with Hospitality Design. The NEWH Houston Chapter meets once a month. NEWH gives students a chance to network and meet professionals in the hospitality field. The sponsors for this organization are Lynda Wood and Rhonda Jones, instructors in Interior Design.

The Pencil Test Animation Club (PTAC) exists so that students can work together on small traditionally animated productions. The sponsor for this club is Michael Henderson, instructor in Media Arts & Animation

The Ai Photography Club encourages the development of photographic skills of all Ai students through education, exhibitions, friendships with others who share a love of photography and to share our talents with individuals and organizations in the Houston area. The sponsor of this club is Michael Gaffney, instructor in Photography.

The mission of the Poetry Club is to promote appreciation and awareness of the art of poetry through publications such as The Keyhole poetry journal, on campus events such as Library poetry readings and off-campus through our continuing Poetry Reading Series at Borders-River Oaks on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. The sponsor of this club is Ken Jones, instructor in General Education.

The UniverSoul Language Society is a community of artists exploring avenues of srtistic expression. The intent of our communion is to promote and provide educational and networking skills in the realm of sound, music, and other art forms. The sponsors of this club are Steve Huston, instructor in Audio Production, and Michael Durbin, instructor in Graphic Design.

The mission of this club is to develop culinary and other internships with Walt Disney World Florida while maintaining the high standards of excellence set forth by The Art Institute of Houston. The sponsor of this club is Chef Kate Wilson, instructor in Culinary Arts.