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A6-12 No.419 Minzheng Street Shahekou District
Dalian, Liaoning 116021

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Dalian RYCX Advertising Co., Ltd.

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+86 155 2479 6568

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Biography/Work Experience

Zhongjun Yin, founder and creative director of RYCX Design, graphic designer. Born in Dalian, China in 1969, with over 27 years of professional experience. He values the independence of the designer's mind and encourages pioneering exploration and experimentation. He is good at integrating art and culture into society and business with unique ideas. The work covers brand visual design, fonts, posters and spaces. He has won many professional awards at home and abroad, including New York Graphis Annual Platinum Award, China International Poster Biennale Gold Award, Shenzhen International Poster Festival Gold Award, etc., and has been selected for many times in Colorado, CA, Mexico, Toyama and Golden Bee.

Professional Specialties

Corporate Identity, posters, graphic design


Graphis Platinum and Gold Award, Gold Award of the 2nd Shenzhen International Poster Biennale, Gold Award of the 7th China International Poster Biennale, Jury Honor Award of the 10th Slovakia Eco-Environment International Poster Triennial, Communication Arts 2022 Excellence Award, Honorable Mention Award of the 2nd Auschwitz International Poster Biennale, Poland, Jury Award of the 11th Macao Design Biennale, etc. Participated in exhibitions: The 4th Bulgarian International Triennial of Drama Posters (2004), the 10th International Poster Triennial of Slovakia Ecological Environment (2005), Auschwitz International Political Poster Biennale, Poland (2006/2008/2016), Kharkov, Ukraine "The Fourth Block" International Ecological Poster III Annual Exhibition (2006/2009/2012), Colorado International Poster Exhibition "Graphic Response" (2007/2009), The 3rd Bolivia International Poster Biennale (2009), Los Angeles PROPAGANDA III Political Poster World Tour Exhibition (2007/2008/2009), the 3rd Iran International Art Festival (2013), Moscow Golden Bee International Graphic Design Biennale (2014/2016/2018), Hong Kong International Poster Triennial (2014), China International Poster Biennale (2013/2015), Shanghai Asian Graphic Design Biennale (2015/2017/2019), French Poster For Tomorrow (2015/2016), GDC Graphic Design in China Exhibition (2015/2017), Shenzhen International Poster Festival (2016/2018/2020), China TDC Design Exhibition (2017), Poster Quadrennial Bardejov (PQB) 2017, Taiwan International Poster Design Award (2017/2021), 11th Macao Design Biennale (2017), Colorado International Poster Invitational Exhibition CIIPE (2017/2019/2022), Trnava International Poster Triennial (2018/2022), 2nd Ecuador International Poster Biennale (2018), 15th Mexico International Poster Biennale BICM (2018), 12th Japan Toyama International Poster Triennial IPT (2018), 5th Leipzig International Poster Fair (2020), Graphis San Francisco Exhibition (2020), 1st B.I International Poster Art Biennale (2021), Tokyo TDC (2022), Communication Arts (2022), etc.

Graphis Awards

Platinum Awards | 2, Gold Awards | 10, Silver Awards | 10

Proudest Achievements

2015, the 7th China International Poster Biennale Gold Award, Hangzhou, China. http://old.cipb.org/2015/prize_en.asp


Permanent Collection: The Losangeles political Graphis research center, Colorado State University Library, Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, Ukraine 4th BLOCK Museum, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art.

Hobbies / Freetime

Art, Literature, film, music, folk arts, etc.