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University of Rzeszow

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Biography/Work Experience

Polish visual artist and graphic designer, Associate Professor at the University of Rzeszów, head of the Graphic Design and Multimedia Department at the Faculty of Art. Studies at the Medical Academy and the Academy of Fine Art, both in Krakow. 100 printed posters, dozens of logos, coat-of-arms, book and periodical designs, one animated film. 28 individual graphic design exhibitions in Poland and abroad. 220 group exhibitions in 40 countries, including the most important poster biennials and triennials like Chicago, Hong Kong, Katowice, Lahti, La Paz, Mexico, Mons, Ogaki, Rzeszów, Seongnam, Sofia, Taipei, Toyama, Trnava, Warsaw (Wilanów). Works in collections of numerous museums and galleries.

Philosophy on Work

Tradition is everything in my work. Poster ideas are based on visual metaphors and allegories, archetypes and myths, paradoxes and allusions, characters and props. The traditional figurative painting is my artistic language. I do not look for any avant-garde solutions or for formal experiments. I create old-fashioned, very small paintings, which have to be scanned and then offset printed in poster size. But when I want to react rapidly I often put paints and brushes aside, turn the computer on and design simple, modern posters, sometimes purely typographic ones. The computer is also an obvious tool for creating logos, coat-of-arms, corporate identity guides, books etc.

Professional Specialties

poster, logo, corporate identity, heraldry, book design, medallic art, painting

Graphis Appearances

Graphis Poster Annual 2019 Honorable Mention


4th Prize in the 6th European Political Poster Triennial in Mons (1995), Special Award in the International Film Festival ÉTUDE'96, Award in the National Advertising Publications Contest IDEA'98, Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2005 (Jury Special Award from Shigeo Fukuda), Best of Nation Prize in the WOLDA'09 Professional competition (Milan), Award of Excellence in 8th WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Annual 2017), and other


STGU – Association of Applied Graphic Designers (ICOGRADA professional member) ZPAP – Association of Polish Artists and Designers

Hobbies / Freetime

antiquities, monuments and protection of them, sightseeing of historical places, various fields of history, especially history of Poland, history of art, history of medicine, military history, books, films