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Biography/Work Experience

My career has been a long and rewarding journey. Prior to working with ARSONAL, where I’ve been for over 13 years, I spent time with Bird Design, Dawn Patrol, and The Cimarron Group. Throughout the years, I’ve contributed, both as a designer and lead creative, to a number of Graphis and Clio award-winning campaigns, including Sons Of Anarchy, Salem, American Horror Story, and Baskets. As a Creative Director I work with some of the best design talents in our industry on projects for 20th Century Fox, Focus Features, Sony, HBO, FX, Nat Geo, Bravo, Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu etc. As a part of the team at ARSONAL, I’m very proud of our accomplishments.

Philosophy on Work

Never settling for the same old tricks.

Professional Specialties

In the last 5 years I have build up my level of experience in all the duties of a creative director and simultaneously contributing as a seasoned art director. I’m involved in the development of projects starting from concept to finish while working personally with designers, illustrators and photographers. With the accounts team and other creative directors we curated idea presentations and realize campaigns over multiple platforms across all print as well as in digital. The team have built years of trust and great relationships with our clients through these rewarding projects. With in the development of ARSONAL, I’ve also recruited and develop many talented designers I had the pleasure of working with. As a part of the team at ARSONAL, I’m very proud of our accomplishments.

Graphis Appearances

Design Annual 2021 Poster Annual 2021 Advertising Annual 2020 Design Annual 2020 Poster Annual 2018 Advertising Annual 2017 Design Annual 2017 Advertising Annual 2016 Design Annual 2016 Poster Annual 2016 Advertising Annual 2015 Design Annual 2015 Poster Annual 2015


Clio Awards 2019 Bronze - Baskets S4 Billboard Clio Awards 2017 Grand - part of AHS ?6 Campaign (Meat Hooks, Baby Crib) Clio Awards 2015 Gold - part of AHS Freakshow Campaign (Bowing Twins) Short List - Salem S2 Key Art Clio Awards 2013 Gold - Son Of Anarchy S6 Campaign

Graphis Awards

Design Annual 2021 Honorable Mention - McMillions Key Art Poster Annual 2021 Silver - Baskets S4 Key Art Merit - O Escolhido Teaser Advertising Annual 2020 Gold - Baskets S4 Key Art Design Annual 2020 Silver - Baskets S4 Key Art Honorable Mention - O Escolhido Teaser Poster Annual 2018 Gold - AHS ?6 Campaign (Meat Hooks) Merit - AHS ?6 Campaign (Baby Crib) Design Annual 2018 Gold - AHS ?6 Campaign (Meat Hooks) Advertising Annual 2017 Gold - AHS ?6 Campaign (Meat Hooks) Silver - AHS ?6 Campaign (Baby Crib) Merit - Outsiders Billboard Poster Annual 2017 Gold - Salem S2 Key Art Advertising Annual 2016 Gold - Salem S2 Key Art Design Annual 2016 Silver - Poltergeist Key Art Poster Annual 2016 Silver - Salem Key Art Merit - Poltergeist Key Art Advertising Annual 2015 Silver - Son Of Anarchy S6 Key Art Silver - Salem Key Art Design Annual 2015 Merit - Son Of Anarchy S6 Campaign Poster Annual 2015 Merit - Son Of Anarchy S6 Campaign


Graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Graphic Design.