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Toni Traglia Graphic Design

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Italian, French, english

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Biography/Work Experience

1987-1988 Graphic Designer full time for the advertising agency Pubblicité Zuerey in Montreux. I realized local and national press campaigns, brochures and depliants containing some of my illustrations. I carried out the les for the pre-press step and for the print. 1988-1989 Graphic Designer full time for the advertising agency Heiman Unicom in Geneva. Together with the copy, I carried out several press campaigns and poster advertising on behalf of international customers. I realized brochures and depliants containing my illustrations. I carried out the les for the pre-press step and for the print. 1989-1991 Graphic Designer / Art Director full time for the advertising / direct marketing agency Carcano & Associati in Milano. I was entrusted to follow advertisement campaigns for magazines: my task was to draw the illustrations visualizing the advertized messages. I was responsible for the graphic design of editorials medias and I carried corporate identity, packaging design on behalf of worldwide famous customers in the eld of yarns. I managed a team of 3 designers for the pre-press nal documents. 1992-1993 Packaging-Brand Designer full time for the corporate, brand and packaging design agency “Giò Rossi & Ass.” in Milan. I conceived the design for new products; I adapted the existing design lines to new sizes or to new product's ranges. I took care of the restyling of consolidated brand and packaging identities (Misura, Agnesi, Labello, Findus, Yomo, Last, Omino Bianco.) and of the bird of structural design containers (small bottles for cosmetic and hygienic eld). 1994 -1995 Packaging-Brand Designer full time for the packaging and corporate design agency "Design Group Italia" Milano. I realized the packaging design and the brand identity for many products of the "Conad" supermarket network. 1996 -2000 Corporate-Packaging-Brand Designer, Art Director freelance realizing projects of below-the-line, corporate, brand and packaging design for advertising and design agencies. (Carré Noir - Turin/Milan, CBA Milan, Studio Mastellaro, Coleman Schmidlin & Partner - Bâle, Landor Paris, ADM Bologna, Segno Assoc. Salerno) and working also for my own customers. Web Graphic Designer since 1997 For my clients, I created, realized and managed several sites, blog, animations, banners, with Page Mill, Golive and Dreamweaver (html, dhtml, CSS) and Flash (AS2, AS3). I dened the story board, planned the graphic interface, realized the structure and codied the traditional and responsive html, CSS for responsive Wordpress too. I created and realized html3 animations with Edge. After I managed the jobs on line: http://www.tonitraglia.com/jobOnlineGB Design director web/print, specialized in coporate, brand and product design 2001 Brand and Packaging Designer full time for the corporate, brand and packaging design agency ARD Graphic Vevey, I was responsible for projects in coordination with marketing managers. In team, I created the graphic solutions. I managed the production step coordinating photagraphs, illustrators, copywriters, photolithographs and printers. In 2000 and in 2007 Teacher at the "Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti " (NABA) and at " The International College of Arts and Sciences" in Milan, where I held two seminars of 40 hours concerning brand and packaging design. Since 2001 Creative and Production Director consultant graphic designer and art director for my own customers and freelance for agencies. I coordinate a network of complementary professionals who contribute to the development of my projects. With them, I work for several communication activities considering the print and web supports. Succesfully, I realize the projects in corporate, brand and packaging design for chocolate, cosmetic and food eld. I create the restyling of historical brands and I create the packaging and brand design for several new products. With the marketing managers, I dene the objectives, I approach the creation step realizing the graphic solutions and the illustrations. I draw the structural design of new containers rendering their 3D with Illustrator and Photoshop. After the dention of the corporate or product identity, I create and I conceive the aspect of the contents on several promotion and advertising supports (pop design, catalogues, brochures, magazines, yers, internet sites, advertisements...). I realize the nal documents for the pre-press step and I coordinate the web and print production (oset, roto, exo, digital) managing copywriters, photographes, printers, programmers...

Philosophy on Work

Always charme, pertinence and originality in the projects.

Professional Specialties

brand and packaging design


• At the the last Competition “Mediastars Milano” in the brand and packaging section, I am rewarded with 2 First Category Prizes: best brand restyling no food assigned to the “Pikenz” logotype and best counter display food assigned to the “Agriovo” eggs. I have also won 7 Special Stars: best Graphic Design assigned to “Caé Italiano”, “Biomix” , “Veraloe” and “Museum Extra Virgin Oil; best Structural Design and best Innovation assigned to “Blue Rose” and best Art Direction assigned to“Agriovo” eggs. I have also obtained 7 Nominations in Short List. • In 2009, I won the rst prize at the 5° Edition of the Photographic Competition “Fotografare l'Adda” .


Ecole des Beaux Arts de Sion Schule für Gestaltung Bern


SGD Swiss Graphic Designers

Hobbies / Freetime

Drawing, painting, photo, music