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Sofia Escudero

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Spanish - English

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Valencia - Spain


Zaragoza, Spain





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Biography/Work Experience

More than 20 years experience focused on leadership, management and design projects for publishing, advertising, corporate graphic identity and branding consultancy work.

Philosophy on Work

We create unforgettable communications that drive your business, define content that lead to action and make designs that turn their ideas into extraordinary success.

Professional Specialties

Branding, Digital Design, Publishing, Packaging Design, Advertising


Selection for Best Advertising Books. Premios Anuaria 2010 - ANUARIA AWARDS at Madrid - Spain. PINTO (http://www.veredictas.com/index.php?md=premis&accio=guanyadors&id_categoria=212)

Graphis Awards

Merit Award - LETTERHEAD 8 http://www.graphis.com/entry/9b38fc39-487f-4647-a3be-d6bef24a8637/

Proudest Achievements

Writer of design books - Editorial McGraw-Hill Writer of design books - Editorial Inforbook's Exhibition curator “128 Miradas. Spanish Graphic Design 2005-2012” organized several presentations by Emilio Gil, Pepe Gimeno and Daniel Campos. http://www.128miradas.com http://graffica.info/128-miradas-diseno-grafico-espanol/ http://www.exe-granada.com/cultura-y-ocio/el-diseno-grafico-espanol-mas-actual-en-128-miradas/ http://elintercambiador.estaciondiseno.es/128-miradas-exposicion-diseno-grafico/ “Naturaleza Urbana” http://www.elperiodic.com/gandia/noticias/354472_naturaleza-urbana-explora-luces-personales-varias-ciudades-mano-beatriz-gimeno.html http://www.128miradas.com/otras-exposiciones/ "Philosophia" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqKL445TN0k http://www.lasprovincias.es/safor/201412/16/creador-xose-teiga-ofrece-20141216000050-v.html http://dissenycv.es/grafico-i-editorial/gandia-acoge-una-muestra-del-disenador-gallego-xose-teiga/ http://www.experimenta.es/noticias/grafica-y-comunicacion/philosophia-de-xose-teiga-4965 http://graffica.info/philosophia-xose-teiga/#.VTV-oTGIU84.twitter http://duvi.uvigo.es/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9607&Itemid=46


- PhD in Brand and Product Suitability for Internationalization (Cum Laude) Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - Master in Engineering Design, Design and Technology Graphic Products and Design of New Products and Services. - Master of Fine Arts - University of Barcelona - Fashion Design - IDEP. School of Image and Design Barcelona - IDEP


01 Food: Andreu Alimentaciò Aperimax BonÀrea Chef Andre Clavo Fripur Hornetto Romà Roipanga Trepal Villa Alegre 04 Research centers: CITG. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 05 Investment: Heptacanda Investments 06 Software and applications: Intellution 08 Associations, clubs and organizations: AFES Club de Tenis Gandia ESA CV Eumac 13 Political parties: PP de Gandia 14 Artists & Crafts: FM Pinto 15 TV, Press Digital and Communication Sector: Diario Gandia Tele 7 Comunitat Valenciana 18 Events and Exhibitions: 128 Miradas 19 Publishing sector: Inforbook’s 20 Export: Araberia Export


ADCV (Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana) <\br> adcv.com/escudero-sofia

Area of Expertise

Branding: logo design,brand naming, brand strategy, brand identity, event branding & design... Digital: websites design Print & Publishing: book design, packaging design, brochure design, advertising...

Hobbies / Freetime

Museum/Gallery Exhibitions 128 Miradas: Diseño Gráfico Español 2005-2012,