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Rosanne Olson Photography

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Rosanne Olson is a photographer, artist, author and educator. Her background in photography began with an interest in art and fine art photography. During her career she has worked in commercial, editorial and fine art photography. As an educator, she has taught lighting, portraiture and creativity for more than 25 years at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, as well as at workshops and conferences such as Santa Fe Photography Workshops, WPPI, Photo Plus Expo. She has been exhibiting her fine art for many years, creating various series (see website) such as “Rapture” which creates metaphors about the transition from life to afterlife. Her “Pinhole Travels” series explores architecture and landscapes with the long exposures of the pinhole process. The long exposures eliminate the presence of people to create an almost spiritual world in places often thronged with people. Her fine art is represented by the Robin Rice Gallery in New York City and Iris Gallery in Boston. She is the author of three books, including This is Who I Am—our beauty in all shapes and sizes (a book about women and body image) which was featured on Good Morning America. She has written two instructional books (Amherst Media) for the courses she teaches: ABCs of Beautiful Light and The Art of the Portrait.


Olson’s images have garnered many awards and have been featured in Communication Arts, Photo District News, More Magazine, View Camera Magazine, Graphis, and more.


Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon.


Website: www.rosanneolson.com


New York City Ballet, Seattle Symphony, Puerto Rico Tourism, Seattle Opera, Alaska Airlines, Boeing, and more.