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Patrycja Longawa was born on 1988 in Sanok, Poland. In 2012, she obtained the Master of Fine Arts majoring in Art Education with specialization in painting at the University of Rzeszow. In 2013 completed her second studies in the faculty of Graphics and graduated with distinction in the Digital Printing Studio under the academic supervision of dr hab. Joanna Janowska-Augustyn in the the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Rzeszow and obtained a diploma of design in the Design Studio II under the guidance of prof. Wiesław Grzegorczyk. Patrycja dealing with drawing, graphics, posters and satirical drawing. She have participated in numerous prestigious exhibitions. She have received a total of 28 awards and prizes. Her work has been selected in over 220 national and international exhibitions in: Australia, Dubai, Belgium, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Macau, Moldova, Mexico , Germany, Peru, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Hungary, Italy


2013 Nomination for the award, 2nd International Digital Media Triennial in Radom - a static image; 2014 1st prize for Never Forget 1914, II International Poster Exhibition Leipzig 2014, Germany - receiving the title of Leipziger Plakatpreis; Nomination for the prize for poster 1914, II International Poster Exhibition Leipzig, Germany; 2015 Nomination for the award, The International Competition For Comic and BlitzAnimation, Bulgaria; 2017 1st prize, Ogaki Matsuri Festival International poster competition, Japan; Honorable Mention, Russia The Third Path, Russia; The prize, Genius Saeculi - The spirit of our time ...; Honorary distinction, Polish Poster Biennale; 2018 Honorary distinction, Strelka International Design Biennale Gorky 150, Russia; 2nd prize, Biennale of Social and Political Poster 2018, Oświęcim; Nomination for the award, World Humor Awards 3th editio, Italy; SILVER Awards, 2018 UDA Awards for Poster Design Commercial Posters, China; BRONZE Awards, 2018 UDA Awards for P oster Design Commercial Posters, China; Nomination for the award, International contest "Stop Censorship. Citizens for free countries, Kiev, Ukraine; Winner of top 10 best posters poster for Ocean Protection, International Poster Competition Poster for, China; II place, NAZARETH Festival of Arts and Culture exhibition, Iran; II place, Theater Poster Сontest, Moldova; 2019 Award, Segunda Llamada 2018, Mexico; Best Excellence Award, IMPRESSIONS OF HUIZHOU, China; Excellent award, Two Leaning Towers, China;


1. ZPAP Poland 2. International graphic design organization UDA Annual International Desig 3. Worldwide Graphic Designers