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Bahnhofstrasse 22
Willisau, Willisau CH-6130

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Niklaus Troxler Design

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Born in Willisau/Switzerland in 1947.







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Biography/Work Experience

Studied Graphic Design at the Art School of Lucerne. After studies Art Director in Paris. Own Graphic Design Studio since 1973. Organizer of Jazz concerts (since 1966) and an annual Jazz Festival (since 1975) in his home town Willisau.

Graphis Appearances

Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2005 Platinum Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2006 Platinum Award, Graphis Design Annual 2006 Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2007 Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2008/2009 Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2010 Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2012 Silver Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2012 Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2013 Merit, Graphis Poster Annual 2013 Gold Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2014 Merit, Graphis Poster Annual 2014 Silver Award, Graphis Poster Annual 2014 Merit, Graphis Poster Annual 2014 Merit, Graphis Poster Annual 2015


His many awards include "Toulouse Lautrec-Gold Medal" from the Essen Poster Triennale (1987 and 1994), the First Prize from Chaumont Poster Festival (1992, Silver in 2007, Bronze in 1999), the Grand Prize from Lahti Poster Biennale (1993), the 1st Prize from Helsinki Poster Biennial (1997), the 1st Prize of Trnava Poster Biennial (1997), First Prize at Hongkong Poster Trienniale (2001), Grand Prize at 1st China Poster Biennial in Hangzhou (2003), Grand Prize at Taiwan Poster Triennial (2005), Grand Award at Colorado Invitational Biennial (2005), Grand Awards at Moscow Golden Bee Awards (2006 and 2008), at Ningbo Poster Biennial (2006), Grand Prize and Icograda Excellence Award at ZGRAF Zagreb (2008), Gold Awards at Brno Biennial (2002 and 2004, Silver Award 1992), Special Award at Warsaw Poster Biennale (1992), Bronze medal at Toyama Poster Triennale (1994), Tokyo Type Directors Club Awards (2010, 2011), Type Directors Club New York with "Best in Show Award" 2011, among many others. Niklaus Troxler got the Swiss Federation Design Award and his posters got awarded 22 times as "Swiss Poster of the Year." He won many Awards from the Art Directors Club of Switzerland. He won the ADC (Switzerland) Special Award in 2000. Many ADC of New York Awards including the Silver Prize in 2000.


From 1998 to 2013 professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart/Germany.


His works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum New York, the Hamburg Industrial Arts Museum, the Wilanow Poster Museum in Warsaw, the Ogaki Poster Museum, the Essen Poster Museum, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the Staedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Berlin Poster Collections, the Zurich Design Museum, the Basel Poster Collection, among others. Personal exhibitions in New York/Minneapolis/Ann Arbor in the USA, Mexico City/ Guadalajara in Mexico, Caracas in Venezuela, Paris/Marseille/Mulhouse/Chaumont/Paul in France, Berlin/Essen/Frankfurt/Stuttgart/Wiligrad/ in Germany Nevi/Torino in Italy, Liublijana in Slovenia, Lisbon/Coimbra/Matocinho/Gondola in Portugal, Warsaw/Torun in Poland, Tokyo, Hangzhou/Beijing/Zhongshan/Shenzhen in China, Zurich/Nyon/Geneva/Lucerne/ Bellinzona in Switzerland among many others. Publications: Willisau and All That Jazz (Till Schaap Editions, 2013) The Master of Design (Page One Books, 2007) Design & Designers (Pyramyd Book Nr. 054, 2007) Niklaus Troxler (ggg, World Graphic Design Nr. 80, 2007) Niklaus Troxler Posters – Jazz Blvd. (Lars Müller Publishers, 1999) Master and Students (China Youth Press, 2004)


He is a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) since 1989.