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560 West 200 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Company Name

Michael Schoenfeld Studio

Company Type



English, marginal Swahili

Established In



Salt Lake City, Utah




Biography/Work Experience

Professional photographer for 30 years.

Philosophy on Work

Intimacy is one of those essential, yet hard to quantify traits of being human. Rather late in my life I discovered it’s unconscious grip on every moment. The ultimate coin-toss of connection with others. Why did I chose to photograph people? Why did I chose to do it inches from their face, feeling their presence, mostly with strangers? And why was that ritual complete by some moment that I subconsciously knew I had arrived at? I think my childhood was primarily the answer; wonderful, emotionally detached, mid-century, American parents, doing their best, mostly on auto-pilot, teaching me to stay an arm’s length from my feelings. Takeaway for me?; no auto-pilot for me; ever, ever. So, here I am, usually approaching those wonderful strangers, and asking (sometimes in Swahili) “may I please take your picture?” It is in that moment I feel them; that I’ve somehow met them, and I’m satisfied. May I live to be a thousand.”

Professional Specialties

People, lifestyle

Graphis Appearances

Gold award winner Photography Annual 2018


PDN 2017, faces competition winner, APA 2018 "Off the Clock" winner

Graphis Awards

Gold award 2018 Photography Annual

Proudest Achievements

My beautiful children

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