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Studio Blackthorns

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We are Studio Blackthorns, a creative agency passionate about spirits, beers & non-alcoholic beverages. Studio Blackthorns is a print and digital branding company based in France and Australia. We empower and elevate businesses and help them increase sales and customer engagement. In order to establish a bond of trust and build consumer loyalty, we develop unique and captivating stories through packaging & bottle design, brand identity systems and social selling.

Philosophy on Work

Authenticity & trust A good understanding of the project requires first of all listening and empathy. Before starting a new communication project and signing with a client, we attach great importance to exchange and sympathy. Indeed, we are passionate about the idea of meeting and collaborating with beautiful people. This is why we carefully select our different partners. We thus emphasize the quality of human relations, the sharing of our common values but also the authenticity of your convictions. A boundless curiosity Our communication studio distills creative solutions by mixing judicious, original and modern ideas. We give an essential place to graphic and technological watch as well as to innovation. It is thanks to this bubbling curiosity that we can serve our clients with relevance. An overflowing passion Studio Blackthorns is more than a decade of passion in the service of the image. Also, our perseverance over the years has pushed us to gain experience and maturity. Our job, as complex as it may be, is carried out with almost mystical enthusiasm and exaltation. Punk at heart "Think outside the box" is an expression that qualifies our communication agency well. We are always ready to break codes and think against the tide. Our mission is to push our clients to question themselves and to always look further. Throughout our adventure, let's show courage, get out of our comfort zone and have that punk attitude that will set us apart.

Professional Specialties

Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Web Development, Photography

Graphis Appearances

Design Annual 2021


Press GDUSA American Packaging Design — Winner - Karma CBD Graphis Design Annual 2021 — Silver Winner - Karma CBD Indigo Awards — Gold Winner - Karma CBD Publications Graphis Design Annual 2021 Book World Brand Design (x5) Packaging Of The World (x6) The Guardian - Photo series "False Colours vol.II".

Graphis Awards

Graphis Design Annual 2021 — Silver Winner - Karma CBD

Proudest Achievements

The creation of a successful Independent Design Agency since 2010.

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Graphis Design Annual 2021


Nestlé, Crédit Agricole, City of Lyon, Bjorg, Griottines, Région Rhône Alpes, Saint James, Cointreau, Label 5, Massenez…

Area of Expertise

We love spirits, wines and beers. We are experts in delivering precise thinking and stunning identities that add a huge ROI to your brand. Each market has its own characteristics, assets and constraints. This is why we position ourselves as a qualified partner to support you in your communication journey. We set up relevant and innovative marketing levers to fulfill your ambitions.