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Sommese Design


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Born in East Moline, Illinois in 1943, Lanny Sommese has been a member of the Penn State University faculty since 1970 and is currently an Emeritus Professor of Graphic Design. He is a graduate of the University of Florida where he received a BFA in painting and a Bachelor of Design Degree. He earned the MFA in Graphic Design at the University of Illinois. Additionally, Sommese is a Fellow of Penn State’s Institute for Arts and Humanities, an honorary member of The University and College Designers Association, a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, and was selected as the Fellow of the AIGA Philadelphia Chapter in 2010. Sommese’s work has been included in important exhibitions all over the world. His work was awarded the Taiwan International Graphic Design award and Gold Medals in the Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia, the Colorado Poster Biennial, the Poster Biennial of Bolivia, the "To Be Human" poster competition at the Danish Poster Museum, and the International Biennial of the Poster of Mexico, where he also won the Jose Guadalupe Posada Medal for best poster in show. Feature articles about Sommese have appeared in a number of design publications including Graphis, Idea, and Communication Arts. His work is the subject of two books “Lanny Sommese: World Master” and “Lanny Sommese: X-Ray Vision.” His work has been reproduced in hundreds of periodicals and books, including Graphis, The New York Times, Communication Arts, A History of Graphic Design, and A History of Contemporary Graphic Design. Sommese’s posters are included in numerous important collections world wide, including the Library of Congress National Poster Collection, which has more than 100 of Sommese’s posters in its collection. Finally, Sommese has lectured about his work and the Penn State Design Program across the globe and has written extensively about graphic design as the North American Correspondent for Novum, a German monthly design publication, since 1976.