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Biography/Work Experience

Graphic designer since 2007

Philosophy on Work

Typography may be a basis for creation of a poster. We should be aware of its sensibleness and power of message it conveys. The whole process of reaching a solution begins from asking ourselves a question about sense of our creation. That is why many works refer a lot to the New Typography theory as a basic direction of thinking about poster and a foundation for further development of a letter design by rejecting archaism and decorative value of traditional lettering signs building rules. In poster creation process much attention is devoted to selection of typeface, so it is as legible, geometrical and simple in its form as it can be and to understanding which typeface will be most appropriate and consistent with the character of message. However, we should not confuse clarity of message with simplicity of a poster form. All these decisions are taken based on a quick impulse, reflection on certain topic. Many times solutions come unexpectedly, sometimes they do not come at all.

Professional Specialties

An artist should not disregard any field of art because art can be “created” equally well by the means of graphic design, prints and commercial design. Often, looking for our own artistic way, we come across inspirations which may be perceived as beginnings of new opportunities. That is where a wish to experiment stems from and this happens on different stages of creation. It may occur that during this search an activity appears which satisfies an artist. Because Krzysztof chose an “occupation” of an artist, in his work he aspires to find his own recognisable style.

Graphis Appearances

Krzysztof’s works are the way of open opportunities. Active attitude to inspiration and tendency to orderliness rather than destruction assisted by a crucial function of intuition and subconscious. Sometimes he surrenders to a strong emotional stimuli. However, he always controls means and technique he uses. He is ready to explore even at the cost of abandoning his previous experiences. In his compositions, the artist applies elements penetrating through the space of a plane. In many of his realizations, structures of a graphic matter of complicated shapes appear on planes organized geometrically by illusional forms. In his other works building of a plane in a static way is penetrated by softness of a form and aesthetic of symmetry. Forms overlap but do not cover one another completely. He aspires to make one shape visible through the other. He clashes representing elements with typographic elements. He creates works in which arrangements seem to portray rules of order, harmony, balance and tensions. He shapes homogeneous (coherent) configurations from separate elements. In Krzysztof’s works, elements (forms) can be perceived as a fragment of undetermined and constantly, anew, explored arrangement, as an infinite space whose limits are marked only by imagination. All art created by him is marked by sense of restraint and order, looking for clarity of statement. Krzysztof Iwański is a young “creator” who makes something out of nothing.


• 10 best poster of 20014 by HOW Magazine • 2nd and 6th China Poster Triennale / China • 1st and 2nd Chicago Poster Biennale: Poster / USA • 21st and 23rd – Katowice Poster Biennale / Poland • 22nd and 23rd Warsaw Poster Biennale / Poland Exhibition 200 Birthday of Frederyk Chopin /Poland Golden Bee /Russia • 9th Toyama poster triennial / Japan • 9th and 10th Golden Bee Moscow Internecional Biennale of Graphic Design / Russia • Plakat lubi śpiewać Aneks – SPOT Galery / Poland • Plakat lubi śpiewać – National Musem in Poznan / Poland • Taiwan International Graphic Design Award / Taiwan • Chopin Postscriptum 2010 / Poland