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Jeremy Swanston is a graphic designer and scholar who has worked professionally for nearly two decades. During this time, he has developed extensive print and digital skills to meet the design needs of diverse clients, including the United States Congress and the Department of Justice. Past professional experiences include working as a graphic designer for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the United States Government Publishing Office, both in Washington, DC. This work portfolio centered on conceiving and delivering high-level multimedia communication and brand identity projects, including branding for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, and designing the 2013 U.S. Presidential Inaugural materials. After receiving his MFA in Graphic Design in 2015, Swanston pursued a career in academia and is currently an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Program Head at the University of Iowa. His research, grounded on the principles of both human-centered and socially-conscious design, focuses on the strategic use of graphic design processes and methods to affect positive social outcomes. Swanston has lead and collaborated on several socially-based projects that aim to improve both academic and community outcomes, including an educational app (SO.BE Stories) for preschool students, as well as a community engagement collaboration titled Project Perry/Proyecto Perry.