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Böcklinstrasse 26
Zurich, Zurich 8032

Company Name

Gottschalk+Ash Int'l

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Established In




+41 44 382 18 50

Biography/Work Experience

Consider the fact that there are only 26 characters in the western alphabet. Not a hell of a lot, taken in the context of the powerful capability they provide for communication with a striking simplicity! What originally appear to be arbitrary and confining restrictions ultimately figure substantially in the matrix of what we refer to as Swiss Design. This approach today dominates international design culture. Swiss Design is no longer particularly Swiss. The term simply stands for a specific attitude that is applied worldwide. Its key characteristics: honesty, sustainability, masterful craftsmanship, deep and dimensional visual literacy. Gottschalk+Ash Int'l proceeds from the conviction that strategic communication is first perceived by the eye, that sucessful solutions are surprisingly simple, that they are always compelling mentally and visually, and that they are rendered at a human scale.

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