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Law Chambers Building, 345 Franklin St, San Francisco, CA 94102
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Gasner Criminal Law

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(415) 782-6000

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If you’re charged with a crime in Northern California, you need experienced criminal defense lawyer Adam Gasner, the top-rated and best-reviewed criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco according to the nation’s largest attorney rating site. Adam provides skilled defense in state or federal court for every kind of misdemeanor or felony and has one of the most impressive dismissal records of any California lawyer.

Professional Specialties

Board Certified Specialist In Criminal Law

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If you’ve been arrested or investigated for a crime in the San Francisco Bay-Area, and you want help answering your pressing questions, contact Gasner Criminal Law for a no-cost consultation. We care about our clients and work hard for the best possible outcome. We are fully committed to defending a client with perseverance and conviction and are well regarded by the court for their brilliant legal minds and deep familiarity with legal procedures.


Criminal justice attorney

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