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New York, NY 11223

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Goodwin Idea, Inc.

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English, Bulgarian, Russian

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New York, USA








(646) 509-9545

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Biography/Work Experience

Drawing and singing are my first memories. My first specialization was as musician, but professionally I became graphic designer. I started on my own, as a freelancer, just with my knowledges and love to drawing. Later, I joined several companies (SiQoNon Ltd., GED, Ltd.) where I get experienced working within a team. I had the privilege to work with real professionals and great people from which I learned a lot about the business, the agency process and project management. Above all, I developed even greatest passion for design and creation. Lately, I moved to New York, USA, full with expectations to touch the design industry concentrated in this city and to find myself anew. My style is to search and change constantly so now I am after the new again.

Philosophy on Work

Always searching...for ideas, vision, innovation, tradition, to create, to design, to be.

Professional Specialties

Business identity design, marketing materials, advertising materials, web ads and website design.

Graphis Appearances

In various social media; company website.


Smirnoff International Fashion design competition finalist and Gold medal from international teen competition of Fine Arts.

Proudest Achievements

The first I guess is how I became professional graphic designer starting from performing arts (pianist) BA and fashion design college. My proudest achievements are each project I could be satisfied with. I've never had projects which I believe are the best, but I'm happy when I can tell a story with a design.


MA in Poster and Visual Communication, National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria BA in Performing arts, National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria College degree in Fashion Design, Arianda College, Sofia, Bulgaria


Fasion Design courses at Central Saint Martins, London, UK


SCG Retail, Leeza Braun, Spark Creations, KPMG, Nestle, Mtel, Allianz, Graphic Edge Ltd., etc.



Area of Expertise

Branding, Design, Graphic, Illustration, Fashion, Poster, Visual Communications, Advertising, Print materials, Website design

Hobbies / Freetime

Drawing, reading, traveling, photography