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240-440 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1L1

Company Name

Full Punch

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Biography/Work Experience

Chris studied design and advertising at Conestoga College and immediately began his career in Toronto at FutureBrand. Following his move to the West Coast, Chris’ thoughtful and strategic approach to design led him to become Creative Director at preeminent agencies such as TAXI and Cossette. Somewhere along the way, Chris also started one of the world’s most popular package design blogs – In 2018, with partners Mike and Jack, Chris founded Full Punch to give companies greater access to better design. Chris champions beautiful design with purpose at Full Punch, leading the creative department and directing a wide range of projects encompassing digital, product development, advertising, content, and yes, design too. With impeccable taste, it’s no wonder Chris has procured a beautiful family and home in Kitsilano. And if he’s not there cooking a delicious meal for family and friends, you can find him on the slopes, on the water, somewhere sunny, or making your brand look amazing no matter the media.

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