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November 18, 1945 Bogota, Colombia





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Biography/Work Experience

Carlos is a multi-award winning Graphic Artist. His work, that spans over 45 years, has been shown throughout the United States from Alaska to New York as well as South America and Europe. Photography has always been one of his passions. Most recently, he has concentrated on the exploration of light and form, and on the use of the camera as a conceptual art tool.

Philosophy on Work

I believe every project, every artwork start with the seed of an idea. It's up to the artist to feed it, to make it grow, to harvest it, to offer it. Once the work leaves the artist's domain, it's no longer his. It's up to the viewer to accept it, ignore it, or reject it. The ultimate satisfaction is to see how others build on it, comment on it, give their own interpretation, share it. What keeps me going is my inherit desire to search, to take that seed of an idea and explore to the limit. I don't see any limit ahead.

Professional Specialties

Graphic Design/Photography/Painting/

Graphis Awards

Over 200 Graphic Design awards carry my name.

Proudest Achievements

Besides many exhibitions, I currently have over 75,000 followers and close to 14 million visits to my site at https://500px.com/carloscaicedo1



Hobbies / Freetime

Painting/Photography/Books/Classic Music/Cycling