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Biography/Work Experience

All of my life I have enjoyed strategizing and creating. As far back as middle school, I have memories of creating a wall mosaic in the 7th grade which was inspired by the shire from The Hobbit. In high school, I was involved with art, magazine, and web classes. During my religion classes I would draw specs for sports stadiums, and during baseball practice I would be thinking of unique ideas of what I could do to make this stadium the greatest experience to mankind. What I didn't know is the fact that although my journey into the design world did not become a reality until college, I have been designing all along. I began attending Maryville College in the fall of 2010 where I entered as a baseball player; my intentions were solely to be a baseball player. Classes were at the back of my mind as I would find myself sketching cartoons instead of paying attention to my chemistry classes. I didn't realize that I was going down the right path until I adventured the art building the beginning of my 2nd semester. Before I knew it, I found myself creating infographics, school websites, and clothing for the baseball team. I graduated Maryville College in 2014 with a bachelor in Design and started the design program at Portfolio Center by the end of the year. Portfolio Center has molded me into the designer am today. As a designer, I enjoy making an impact on people's lives through different experiences. Each design is a story that evokes raw emotions. Every image portrays a story, and every story has a beginning and end. In fact, I believe all of humanity is a string of stories being told everyday, and we are all part of it.

Philosophy on Work

My philosophy on my work is simple, create an experience that people can relate and respond too. I very much am interested in the person, their story, and their emotions. Everything I design is based upon how I can dictate how a person may feel based upon the story they are trying to portray.


Portfolio Center 2014-2016 Graphic Design Maryville College 2010-2014 B.A. Graphic Design



Hobbies / Freetime

Collecting Beer & Shot Glasses, Hand Lettering, Golf, Baseball, and Collecting Magazines.

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