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Biography/Work Experience

Raised in the northwest of Spain, where life is constantly overshadowed by clouds, I learned to find the bright side of things quite early; flying back and forth between two continents, I became an expert in time management; and, with the influence of my French mother, who always said me “impossible n’est pas français”, I’ve come up with creative solutions since I was two, when I stacked up boxes so I could reach the candy’s shelf. After spending months jumping from every table, I realized that maybe those blows caused by my failed “flying tests” were the reason I’m a little bit crazy. But, wouldn’t you agree that to create something new, conventional boundaries must be broken?

Philosophy on Work

Create meaningful art that changes minds and stays with people like tattoos under skin.

Professional Specialties

Art Direction


CENTAURI WINNER (Gold) Vega Digital Awards 2020 (IAA): The Art We Waste GRAND JURY Bendita Carpeta AD Awards 2020 SHORTLISTED Creative Conscience Awards 2020: Raise Your Bud JURY Bendita Carpeta AD Awards 2019 BRONZE Summit International Awards 2019: Raise Your Bud SHORTLISTED Creative Conscience Awards 2019: The Art We Waste SHORTLISTED Future Lions 2018: Blindless

Proudest Achievements

Appear at Muse by Clio as a Talent https://musebycl.io/talent/andrea-serrano-villaverde


Portfolio: https://andreacreart.com/