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Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 6
Lausanne, 1003

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Hymn Design

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Philosophy on Work

Your brand as a hymn We believe the genuineness of a brand should inspire and unite. Each visual code and each movement play their part, and every masterful expression of a brand reinforces its power of awareness and attraction. We use design and creative thinking to transform and transcend not only a brand’s appearance, but also the experiences it offers. Hymn, the creative hub for forward-thinking brands and companies Hymn favours an immersive approach to the internal and external forces shaping the brands and companies we work with. Hymn is both a creative partner and a hub of design and creation expertise. We put an emphasis on collaboration by working with specialists from all domains, whether they’re in Switzerland or abroad. We are comprised of custom teams, built for each project, and we assure long-term follow-through for every one of our clients and partners.