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Hi, my name's Agenor Duarte and I am a designer passionate about what I do. My story as a designer started when I was still a kid who liked to draw my favorite TV heroes. I started my career in 2005 as a finalist in a large Japanese company. During that time I gained a lot of experience with manipulating files for printing, color perception, file closings and image processing. But it was only in 2015 that my role as a designer really started to be born. Through a recreational post on a social network, I was invited to create digital arts for a church. With the invitation accepted, it was there, since then, that I began to study the design area in a serious and systematic way. It didn't take long for other invitations to come up and start spreading my work around. As time went by I started to attend works not only from other churches, but also from companies, artists and different types of professionals. Over time I realized that my work would go beyond something to promote something or person. That's when I realized that my purpose was to design with purpose. My creations helped to improve the perception of an event, to indicate my clients' work as more professional. Generating success for them. Today, I help to transform ideas and dreams into something real that can get off the ground and win the world. If you need help building your brand and a more beautiful, functional and professional identity, I will be happy to help. Feel free here and I hope to chat with you!

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