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88 Quicks Lane
Katonah, NY 10536

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Hess Design Works

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Art / Illustration





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Biography/Work Experience

Born to paint and design, Mark has been collaborating on award winning projects since he dropped out of college to pursue his passion over 100 years ago (well, maybe it only seems that long...). At the tender age of 19 he created his first of 16 (and counting) Time magazine covers. His work has been exhibited worldwide and his list of clients, awards and accolades could fill a book (OK, a small one, but still...). He taught illustration at the School of Visual Arts for over a decade, lectured extensively, been a publisher, designed high end restaurant graphics, packaging and advertising, produced 46 U.S. postage stamps and 12 United Nations stamps, painted many privately commissioned portraits and for the last three years has been completing 8 huge murals of the life of Jesus for a private patron (he's the religious one). Hess paintings grace the collections of corporations, individuals and museums, with the Smithsonian in DC hogging the most: 41. But the really important thing to know about Mark is his love of solving other people's problems through intellect, humor and craftsmanship. Please give him a call to discuss your next project, share some jokes or shoot the sh*t. And check out the new portrait website at: HessPortraits.com

Philosophy on Work

Work hard, work smart and consider every project the most important thing in the world.

Professional Specialties

Portraits, conceptual images and collaborating on any project you can imagine.


Over 200 awards from journals, clubs and organizations worldwide.