Graphis Awards

Trophy photography by Henry Leutwyler.

Graphis Awards: Celebrating Creative Excellence

Year upon year, the Graphis Awards place the spotlight squarely on the diverse sectors of our vibrant industry standing as the definitive mark of worldwide creativity and craft. Drawing upon our rich tradition of innovation and collaboration where the world's best creative work gets a global stage, our awards champion the outstanding from masters to emerging stars in Advertising, Design, Photography, Illustration Art, New Talent, and Motion Design. The Graphis Awards are a testament to the transformative power of creativity, celebrating the bold creativity that inspires as a beacon for the future.

Elevate Your Achievement with the Graphis "G" Trophy

Distinguish yourself in the creative world with our esteemed Graphis "G" Trophy. Crafted meticulously to perfection, each trophy is a handcrafted cast metal piece of art and spans 5" in width, 4.68" in height, and 2" in depth, boasting an impressive weight of 5lb. The sheer elegance and gravitas of this award will add grace to any space you choose to showcase it.

Infused with meaning, the heart of each "G" Trophy radiates a unique color, reflecting the discipline it celebrates:

● A vivid red for the passionate Design winners.

● A serene green for the innovators in Advertising.

● And a striking yellow for the masters of Photography.

Personalized to echo your accomplishment, each trophy bears both the winner's name and the Award title. This award is a lasting symbol of your dedication, talent, and innovation.

Order your Graphis "G" Trophy now, and let it serve to illuminate your outstanding achievements in the creative world today and for the future.