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Issue 7/8


107 Maillol as a Draughtsman (Dr. Erwin Gradmann)

114 Old Postal Art in Switzerland (Hans Kasser)

122 Flags (Dr. A. Bruckner)

135 English Advertising in War (C.F.O.Clarke)

140 The Photographer Werner Bischof (Hans Finsler)

148 Japanese Matchboxes (Dr. Albert Baur)

150 Switzerland Exhibits Abroad (Karl Egender)

160 “Fortune” – Europe in 1918 and America Today (Hans Kasser)

162 Books in Switzerland (Hans Kasser)

167 Mountebanks’ Handbills

179 A Mediaeval Book of Fables

186 In Memory of J.E. Wolfennberger (Otto Baumberger)

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