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Issue 63


8 Gargantua. Lithographs by (Herta Weschler)

14 Punch and English Humour (Charles Rosner)

28Yusaku Kamekura (Hideo Kobayashi)

36 Jerome Snyder (Margaret B. Parkinson)

48La Rinascente (Giovanni Bordoli)

56 University of California (Sherman Rifkin)

58 Henry Rox (Paul Arthur)

64 Giuseppe Archimboldo (F.C. Legrand, F. Sluys)

68 Polish Film and Theatre Posters (Ch. Rohonyi)

78Tadeusz Trepkowski (Jan Lenica)

80 Pierre Caille (Eike Reuter-Brocks)

86 Bucher-Chronik


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