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Issue 298


30 Capturing the Intimate Gesture:
Lillian Bassman has always been ahead of her time, which explains why her photographs seem timeless. By Martin Harrison

40 The Lens as a Looking Glass:
Kenji Toma elevates still life photography into a vivid form of self-expression. By Jack Crager

50 The Magic of Lord Snowdon:
For the Earl of Snowdon, no stranger to celebrity, the job of the photographer is to become invisible. By Rita D. Jacobs

60 Imagery and the Irony:
Eric Michelson's Dadaist images recall the 1930's style of Man Ray, with ambiguity befitting the 1990's. By Michael Kaplan

68 Long Day's Journey into Art:
Sarah Moon's renown as a fashion photographer has all but eclipsed her true identity as an artist. By Christian Caujoulle

74 A Mirror Held to Humanity:
Cornell Capa's compassion for humankind has shaped his photographs as well as the International Center of Photography. By Richard Whelan

84 The Invisible Technology:
The nude figure meets an unlikely ally-the digital camera-in Barbara Bordnick's straightforward studies. By Michael Kaplan and Rynn Williams

91 Graphis Portfolio Review:
An international showcase of talent in photography

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