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Issue 29


2 The Art Directors Club of New York: 28th Annual Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art, New York 1949 (Lester Rondell)

14 The Book Jacket Comes of Age (Floud/Rosner)

26 On the Existence of a Hebrew Miniature Art (D’Ancona)

34 The Animal in American Advertising (Ernst Lehner, New York)

45 An Original Poster Scheme (Werner Schmalenbach)

50 Uncommissioned Posters (Werner Schmalenbach)

56 A Polio Poster Campaign (L.F. Gruber)

62 Belgian Poster and Cover Designs (Jaque Richez)

68 Exhibitions in France(Edme Lex)

72 Gi. Vi. Emme. An Elegant Milan Perfumery (G.Oeri)

76 Educational Pin-Up (Hans Ulrich Gasser)

80 Georges Braque: Milarepa (Francois Stahly)

83 William Busch. On the Genesis of his Picture-Stories (Doris Wild)

102 Verschiedenes

103 Book Review, Bucherchronik

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