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Issue 285


Cover Photograph by Brassai, 1951

8 Contributors to this issue

11 Viewpoint: Business—Is corporate identity dead?, by Alan Siegel

15 Viewpoint: Design Technology—A brave new world, by Diane Burns

16 Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Awards Dinner

19 Viewpoint: Practice visual engineering, by Olaf Leu

21 Book Reviews

22 Michel Bouvet, by Alain Weill

30 Ghurka: Advertising campaign, by Jim Cotton

36 Milan's Master of the Modern Form: Achille Castiglioni, by Paola Antonelli

48 Domenic Geissbuhler: Opera House Designer, by Heinke Jenssen

64 Coop Himmelblau, by Regina Haslinger

68 Kan Tai-Keung, by Rynn Williams/Appreciation, by Kohei Sugiura

86 125 Great Moments of Harper's Bazaar

96 Remembering George Giusti, by R. Roger Remington

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