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Issue 284


Cover Illustration by Graham Reynolds

8 Contributors to this issue

11 Education: Liberal arts and design education today, by Mark Salmon, Ph.D.

13 Design Technology: Try a pencil once a week, by Diane Burns

15 Communication: Let the conversation begin, by Allison Hoover Bartlett and Clifford Selbert

18 Viewpoint: Functionalism as an aesthetic statement, by Stuart Silverstone

20 Architect of Objects: Michele de Lucchi, by Lita Talarico

34 A Quieter Life: Graham Reynolds, by Jan Burney

42 One Man's Imagination: Baku F. Saito, by Kimberly E. Morris

48 The Next Wave: Scott A. Mednick, by Mike Hicks

62 Bringing Guitars to Life: The making of Ferrington Guitars, by Nancy Skolos

70 A Letter to Monet, by Milton Glaser

82 The Penguin Man: Bruno Zehnder, by Daniel Suter

88 Limousines for the Feet: Nike, Inc., by Steven Hamilton Holt

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