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Issue 282


Cover Bernhardt Furniture Store, Los Angeles, 1990, conceived by Michael Vanderbyl

8 Contributors

11 Point of View: The dilemmas of design, by Per Mollerup

14 The Attorney of Design: Michael Vanderbyl, by Ken Coupland

40 Rebel. Prodigy. Unsubmissive: Neil French, by Amy Mangel

56 The Eroticism of the Automobile: Gunther Raupp, by Jungen Kesting

66 Judgment of Valor: The prize of the Art Directors Club 1992, by Jeanie Bergin

82 California Designers: Exposition of the Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco, by Ken Coupland

92 Reception in the Sky: The Art Kite Project, by Peter Ujlaki

104 The Painter of Transitions: Hans-Christian Jenssen, by Michael Schulte

104 Graphis Index 1991/1992

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