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Issue 280


Cover "Captain Beefheart," silkscreen print, 1985, by Mick Haggerty

10 Contributors

14 Design & Business: The designer is also the product, by David Goodman

16 Commentary: The dialogues of Plateau, by Bill Dunk

18 The Art of Education: Art Center College of Design, by Stuart Frolick

32 The Ordinary that Surprises: Issey Miyake-Photographs by Irving Penn, by Maggie Kinser Saiki

50 Cover Guy: Mick Haggerty, by Kristen McKenna

62 Pumping Life into Life: Ed Evangelista & Paul Wolfe, by Michael Kaplan

70 Form Swallows Function: Borek Sipek, by Tracey Metz

80 A Charmer with a Photo Fixation: Ray Charles White, by Henry Geldzahler

92 Packaging as Theater: Desgrippes Cato Gobe, by Veronique Vienne

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