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Issue 277


Cover Edward Scissorhands, by Paul Davis, 1990

9 Contributors Column

12 The Pentagram Prize, by Barbara Wiedemann

14 Designer's Choice: The Digital Watch, by Cara McCarty

16 The Art Directors Club, by Art Beaver

34 Chris Wormel, by Jan Burney

42 Liz Claiborne's Evolving Image, by Amy Mangel

48 Takenobu Igarashi, by Maggie Kinsler

62 Mark Seliger, by Peter Wilkinson

72 Italdesign, by Paola Antonelli

80 The Pushpin Group, by Brendan Gill

96 Olympic Bid Books, by Kevin Ryan

102 Danese, by Paola Antonelli

106 Design & Business, by David Goodman

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