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Issue 276


Cover If Thomas Jefferson Were Alive Today, He'd Wear Matsuda, by Josef Astor for Spy Magazine

9 Contributors Column

10 Designer Favorites: The Montblanc Meisterstuck, by Vance Jonson

13 Book Review, by Leslie Sherr

18 The Type Directors Club 37, by Alan Peckolick

32 Javier Mariscal, by Fernando Huici

42 Josef Astor, by Veronique Vienne

50 Italo Lupi, by Paola Antonelli

62 Ed McCabe, by Amy Mangel

68 Hard Werken, by Tracy Metz

80 Antoine Predock, by Miriam Horn

88 Integral Concept, by Massimo Vignelli

94 Saul Bass, by Stuart I. Frolick

106 Rock Scissors Paper: A monograph of Takenobu Igarashi

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