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Issue 27


212 French Commercial Art (W. Schlmalenbach)

230 Will Burtin. “Integration, the New Discipline in Design.” (Will Burtin)

238 Treasures of the Lombard Libraries (Stella Matalon)

248 Polish Posters and Children’s Books

258 Hans Ernl Oedipe Roi, Antigone. (Georgine Oeri)

260 Pablo Picasso. Pottery (Christian Zervos)

270 City Display Organisation, London (C.F.O. Clarke)

277Lettering. The Principal Types of Running Hand and Drawn Characters (Walter Kaech)

285 Locarneser Stukkaturen – Stucco-Work at Locarno (Piero Bianconi)

286 African Children’s Drawings (Francois Stahly)

304 Book Review, Miscellaneous

305 Bucherchronik, Varia, Verschiedenes

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