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Issue 25


2 Hans Fischer. Illustrations to the Fables of La Fontaine (Hans Naef)

8 Richard Lindner (George Amberg)

14 Design for Music (L. Fritz Gruber)

24 Helmut Kurtz. The Commercial Artist (Hans Kasser)

30 Lettering and Architecture (Marcel Combray)

35 On Types and Ornaments (Imre Reiner)

43 Paul Hoyrup (Georgine Oeri)

48 Montecatini “Chemistry in the Service of Better Living”. Milan Industries Fair, 1948 (Georgine Oeri)

54 Surrealist Festival Decorations (Werner)

59 Swedish Posters (Georgine Oeri)

64 Exhibition Posters by Modern French Artists (F. Stahly)

68 The UNO Poster of the Year Contest(Hans Kasser)

70 Pinacoteca della Villa Favorita. (v. page 97) (Harry Kahn)

72 Chinese Funeral Pottery and Bronzes

74 E.O. Plauen in memoriam. (Manuel Gasser)

80 Kultur und Erziehung in der Weltordnung. (Herbert Read)

97 Book Review, Miscellaneous

100 Bucherchronik, Verschiedenes

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