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Issue 23


206 Chagall. Etchings (Jacques Lassaigne)

216 The Parisian Ballet Programmes (Georgine Oeri)

224 Yesterday’s Art for the Common Man

232 Ronald Searle. A British Humorous Artist (G.S. Whittet)

238 Advertisements Which Do Not Have to “Sell” (Georgine Oeri)

242 Alvin Lustig – Cover Designs (C.F.O. Clarke)

247 Early American Advertising

255 Imperial Chemical Industries (C.F.O. Clarke)

258 Design Research Unit. An English Design Co-operative (Maurice Goldsmith)

262 Lou Bunin. His New Method in Trick Film Productioin W.H. Allner)

268 Herbert Leupin. (L. Fritz Gruber)

276 Indian Miniatures(Jeannine Auboyer)

284 L.O. Burnacini: Maschere. A Compendium of Baroque Theatrical Costumes. (Prof. Joseph Gregor)

290 Beautiful Denmark in Posters (P. Olufsen)

295 Lurcat: Geographie Animale. (Georgine Oeri)

308 Book Review

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