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Issue 22


102 Ben Shahn. (James Thrall Soby)

108 Interrelations. (Will Burtin and L.P. Lessing)

118 AOA, American Overseas Airlines (G.O. Austen)

123 Booksellers’ Posters in the Romantic Era (W.H. Allner)

128 Walter Trier. Some of his Lilliput Covers (Georgine Oeri)

132 The Early Pottery of Islam (Arthur Lane)

138 Graphic Art on Old Swiss Mill Sacks (A. Rudlinger)

147 Joan Miro. A Surrealist Mural in an American Hotel (F. Stahly)

148 New Swiss Posters (Georgine Oeri)

156 Stands at the Swiss Industries Fair Basle (H. Neuburg)

164 Calixte. Advertising and Elegance (Colette Vasselon)

168 Reflections on Original Lithography (R. Wehrlin)

172 Thomas Theodor Heine (Ernst Penzoldt)

176 Jo vol Kalckreuth (Axel von Ambesser)

180 Enrico Bo. A Young Painter in his Old Days (Fabrizio Clerici)

182 Schoolroom Pictures

201 Bucherchronik/Verschiedenes

202 Book Reviews/Varia

204 Miscellaneous

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