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Issue 213


8 James McMullan, by Lanny Sommese, State College, Pennsylvania

20 Michael Peters & Partners, by Edward Booth-Clibborn, London

30 Swiss Posters 1980, by Claude Loewer, Neuchatel

36 Photographis '81. The Photo-Designer's Right to Independence, by Dr. Wolf Strache, Stuttgart

52 Mieczylslaw Piotrowski, by Andrzej Krasinski, Warsaw

58 Grapus: A Poster Designers' Collective, by Francois Barre, Paris

64 The Twelfth Kodak Colour Calendar Contest in Stuttgart, 1981, by Dr. Karl Steinorth, Stuttgart

74 Cheyco Leidmann: Foxy Lady, by Stanley Mason, Zurich

80 James Grashow, by Steve Heller, New York

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