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Issue 204


286 Herb Lubalin, by Stanley Mason, Zurich

302 Mulatier, Morchoisne, Ricord: Three French Caricaturists (Les Grandes Gueules), by Peter Ustinov, London

310 Annecy '79. Twelfth International Cartoon Film Festival, by Nino Weinstock, Basle

318 Ishu Patel - An Indian film animator experiments with new techniques, by Nino Weinstock, Basle

322 Odysseus, by Tony Munzlinger, Corsanico/Casesi, Italy

326 Walter Ballmer, by Glauco Felici, Milan

340 Eight Posters for the French Socialist Party, by Gilles de Bure, Paris

344 Blair Drawson, by Martha Fleming and Robert Priest, Toronto

350 Sue Coe, by Lanny Sommese, State College, Pennsylvania

360 Marshall Arisman, by Steve Heller, New York

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