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Issue 202


100 New York - The First Seven Years of New York Magazine Made Design History, by Gertrude Snyder, New York

122 Robert Giusti, by Marilyn Hoffner, New York

128 Olaf Leu Design + Partner, by Phillipp C. Ismael, Frankfurt/Main

142 Metropolitan Opera New York. The Bold Fine Art Programme of an Opera House: Prints and Posters by Famous Artists, by Stanley Mason, Zurich

146 Primo Angelli, by Jerry Steimle, Palo Alto, California

152 Photographis '79, Photo-Designer, a New Name for a Growing Profession, by Horst W. Staubach

170 Lanny Sommese, by Donna Gibbons and Bill Kinser, State College, Pennsylvania

181 Book Reviews

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