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Issue 200


478 1979 Is the Year of the Child, by Dr. Hans Conzett, Zurich

480 The Rights of the Child

482 Current Picture-Book Publishing in the United States, by Michael Patrick Hearn, New York

502 Children's Books in Britain: Divergent Styles and Occasional Highlights, by Brian Alderson, London

516 French Children's Books: Cult of the New v. the Old Favourites, by Christine Chagnoux, Paris

526 German Children's Books - a Ray of Hope for Children in an Unkind Age? By H. Krahe, Hamburg

542 The International Palette of Swiss Children's Books, by Bettina Hurlimann, Zurich

560 Children's Books in Japan: Rapid Growth and a Promising Future, by Tadashi Matsui, Tokyo

566 Children's Book Illustration in Poland: A Landscape with Rainbow, by D. Wroblewska, Warsaw

576 Children's Books in Czechoslovakia: A Younger Generation Takes Over, by Dr. D. Roll, Bratislava

584 Notes on the International Picture-Book Scene, by Anna Katharina Ulrich, Basle

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