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Issue 20


258 Kitagawa Utamaro. Painter of Women (Willy Boller)

266 Piero Fornasetti. His Almanachs (Fabrizio Clerici)

276 Notes on a Pottery Exhibition (Peter Meyer)

284 Ballet Designs in the USA (G. Amberg)

292 Paolo Garretto. (Orio Vergani)

296 Mogens Zieler. (Georgine Oeri)

308 English Bookplates To-day (M.F. Severin)

310 Balzac, seen by 12 modern artists (L.F. Gruber)

312 American Primitive Painting (Arnold Rudlinger)

318 Painting Behind Glass (Wilhelm Sulser)

322 Christmas and New Year’s Cards (Elisabeth Gerold)

332 Paris Packs its Precious Scents (Mabel Zuppinger)

338 The “Hard Stones”, a Dying Art (Fabrizio Clerici)

344 Illustrious Letter-Headings (L.F. Gruber)

346 Tirggels, Zurich’s Traditional Sweetmeat (Edwin Arnet)

362 Book Review

361 Miscellaneous

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