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Issue 199


384 James Marsh, by Ken Baynes, London

392 National Lampoon: An American Humour Magazine, by Gerald Sussman and John Weidman, New York

406 Grafik-Design Deutschland '78, by Bruno K. Wiese, Hamburg

418 Civilta delle Macchine. 25th Anniversary of an Italian Magazine, by Stanley Mason, Zurich

422 Peter Lindbergh - A graphic artist makes it big in fashion photography, by Peter Knapp, Paris

432 Heinz Edelmann: Poster Announcements for the West German Broadcasting Authority, by Josef Rick, Cologne

448 Big Art - The Art of the Billboard, by Leonard S. Rubenstein, Los Angeles

458 The Zoomorphic Figures of Fernando Krahn, by Manuel Gasser, Zurich

467 Book Reviews

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