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Issue 19


163 A French illuminated Manuscript of the XV. Century (Al Hoefliger

170 Picasso – and his latest Lithographs (Bernhard Geiser)

176 Contemporary Italian Engravers (Attilio Ruota)

184 The First UNO Poster Competition (Naef)

186 Danish Poster Artists (Kaj Borchsenius)

192 Jiri Trnka (Edwin Arnet)

200 French Reviews (W.H. Allner)

204 Mediaeval French Tapestry (G. Oeri)

212 Joseph Binder (Georgine Oeri)

216 Leoncillo Leonardi Ceramics (Gio Ponti)

220 Alex Steinweiss, His Columbia Album Covers (Georgine Oeri)

224 The Life and Death of Wax Works (Erich Kastner/Herbert List)

132 War and the Child (Charles Rosner)

234 Matchbox Label Design (Winifred Holmes)

237 Novel Technique in Chemical Display(C.F.O. Clarke)

240 The Tea Centre (C.F.O.Clarke)

244 Tadeusz Lipsky, The Paper Sculptor (C.F.O. Clarke)

255 Book Review

256 Chronique du livre

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