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Issue 188


486 Chermayeff & Geismar Associates, by Henry Wolf, New York

500 Swiss Posters 1976, by Charles Bosiger, Neuchatel

506 The Eighth Kodak Colour Calendar Contest, Stuttgart, 1977, by Dr. Karl Steinorth, Stuttgart

518 Hans Schleger (Zero), by Paul Rand, Weston, Conn., and George Him, London

526 Fred Otnes, by Jim Hoffman, New York

532 The First International Animated Film Festival in Ottawa, by Bruno Edera, Geneva

542 Artists' Christmas and New Year's Cards, by Stanley Mason, Zurich

554 Trends in Jewellery Design in Europe, by Alastair Allen, Ludlow

558 Leo Lionni's Imaginary Botany, by Leo Lionni, Lavagna

564 Veronique Filozof: The Dance of Death

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